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Tuberculosis sputum examination

The tuberculosis should be checked.

The tuberculosis generally refers to the tuberculosis. Clinically passed sputum examination, and the diagnosis of tuberculosis was diagnosed. At this time, it can basically be diagnosed with tuberculosis.Tuberculosis is a respiratory infectious disease that is mainly transmitted through droplets. Patients cough, speak, and sneeze will spread.Clinically, tuberculosis is mainly manifested in low fever in the afternoon, night sweats, hemoptysis, cough, sputum, mental weakness, weight loss and so on.This situation needs to be treated in a hospital with the qualifications for tuberculosis in time. Under the guidance of a professional doctor, anti -tuberculosis treatment is performed. Because of the long time of anti -tuberculosis treatment, there are more drugs taken.The principle of tuberculosis treatment is to be ascended as soon as possible, and regular treatment of the treatment. Therefore, patients with tuberculosis phlegm tests need to be taken as soon as possible and adhere to the regular medication.The tuberculosis is contagious and needs isolation to avoid cross -infection.It is best to be a separate isolation ward and wear a mask when entering and leaving.Ventilation every morning and evening. If conditions permit, you can use ultraviolet lights to shoot for half an hour every day.The spit out is wrapped in paper, packed in a lid container, and burned together.The tableware, cups, towels, etc. used by patients should be boiled and disinfected regularly. The sheets and pillows should be exposed to the sun for more than 5-6 hours in the sun to kill the tuberculosis.

It is recommended that patients with tuberculosis should cooperate with the doctor, active treatment and joint treatment in the early stage, and take medicine according to the dose stipulated by the doctor.During the treatment process, nutrition needs to be strengthened, self -immunity, avoid excessive fatigue, develop good living habits, avoid long -term staying up late, quit smoking, prohibit alcohol, and avoid spicy and irritating diet.At the same time, proper physical exercise should be performed to improve the body’s resistance and avoid strenuous exercise.Keeping a pleasant mood helps the body to recover.

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