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Two major hazards of trigeminal neuralgia

What are the hazards of trigeminal neuralgia? In recent periods, many patients and family members have come to consult some common knowledge of trigeminal neuralgia. For these issues, we ask Beijing’s most authoritative doctor expert group to discuss research.

Trigeminal neuralgia is a neurological disease and belongs to facial nerves. In addition, trigeminal neuralgia can also cause the body’s impact. So what impact will the main aspects? Look at the answers made by experts for us:

1. The impact of trigeminal nerve pain on the mental and psychological state of the trigeminal neuralgia is a recurring paroxysmal pain. The extension of the course of the disease increases, and the natural interval will gradually shorten until the attack all day long. Sometimes a slight stimulation may cause pain. Therefore, patients with trigeminal nerve pain are often afraid of eating, washing their faces, mouthwash, and brushing their teeth, causing the patient’s nutritional nutrition Bad and face filth. This has a huge impact on the patient’s mental and psychological state. The patient will feel anxious, irritable and irritable. Some patients are pessimistic and disappointed, emotional, and unable to tolerate pain. Smart activity is in a state of suppression. It will even have a light thought. Long -term depression will cause patients to react to the outside world.

Second, the impact of trigeminal nerve pain on physiological movement acute or long -term pain can cause changes in a series of physiological activities such as digestive systems, crane nerves, circulation systems, and respiratory system secretion. The continuous occurrence of trigeminal nervous pain can cause changes in a series of physiological activities such as central nervous system secretion. The continuous pain of trigeminal nerve pain will cause the central nervous system to be excited, and the sympathetic nerve excitement can be increased. It can be manifested as the increase in the secretion of catecholamine and the enhanced decomposition of glycogen. Balanced state.

(Editor in charge: Qiu Zhuojun Intern editor: Tan Yong)

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