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Two misunderstandings in men’s fertility concept

Misunderstanding 1: Eager to ask for success to believe ‘there must be one middle”

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“Many husbands and wives do not control the frequency of sexual life in order to have children to have children as soon as possible. In fact, the frequency of sexual life is also one of the causes of infertility.” Dr. Li Cuiying said that she felt that she could use it for so many years. The problems that are solved by medical methods are not problems, and they are afraid of infertility in unknown reasons. Infertility caused by frequent sexual life is also an infertility of unknown causes in medical examinations.

“I have surveyed hundreds of infertility patients, of which more than 70%of patients have sexual intercourse in frequent history. Some of them still maintain frequent sexual intercourse when they are infertile and infertile. The mentality is ‘one -fry must have one middle’. “Dr. Li said that in fact, this is a very wrong idea. If the husband and wife have sex frequently, the sperm supply is in short, and the quality is poor, it will affect fertilization. In addition, sperm, as a antigen substance, frequently stimulates women, will cause women to continue to produce antibody antibodies, can condense or lose vitality, and directly affect fertilization. Visible sexual intercourse is often contrary to wishes.

Experts say conception is a complex process. First of all, the ovaries are discharged from normal eggs; the semen is normal and contains normal sperm; eggs and sperm can meet and combine with fertilized eggs in the fallopian tube. The fertilized eggs are smoothly transported into the uterine cavity. Essence If there is any abnormal one in these links, the creation will declare failure.

Misunderstanding 2: Can’t conceive the child’s fault for the woman

In traditional concepts, infertility is the “sin” of a woman. In fact, about 30%of infertility couples are caused by the man infertility. The World Health Organization has called male infertility with cardiovascular disease, cancer, and depression, and is called the four major diseases that plague humans.

According to surveys and research of authoritative agencies, the number of sperm contained per milliliter of semen per milliliter of semen has been reduced from about 100 million to 20 million to 40 million per ml. The vitality and quality of sperm also decreased simultaneously. The “Sperm Crisis” red alarm has completely sounded to men’s reproductive health in the post -80s.

Men develop good living habits related to the quality of life of future generations

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Experts said that various factors such as car tail gas, pesticide residues, heavy metal substances, and decoration pollution all affect male sperm quality. In addition to environmental factors, male infertility is also affected by career. Among the men’s consultations, most of the IT industry, teachers, professional drivers, chefs, welders, and paint workers. These people sit for a long time or stand for a long time, either affected by factors such as high temperature, toxic gases, electromagnetic radiation, etc., which has caused increased incidence of male diseases. In addition, men often smoke and drink, wear tight clothes, and other bad living habits. With different degrees of sperm deformities, the serious situation will lead to infertility.

Male experts from Beijing Tongji Hospital reminded that before the couple planned to give birth, men were best to go to a professional formal male hospital to do a comprehensive physical examination, eliminate the suspicion of male diseases, and look at the sperm condition, so as not to take the operation of the dead sheep.

Dr. Li Cuiying, Beijing Tongji Hospital, introduced that through previous gold ribbons, Beijing Tongji Hospital collected many male infertility cases, and many of them were particularly complicated. Tongji Hospital’s “Synthetic Cell Laboratory” through the analysis of precision cytology and sperm morphology analysis, the specific causes that cannot be found in conventional examination methods can be found. The causes of infertility such as testicular inflammation and dexterous veins are diagnosed. It can also find out whether the defect sperm is a microbial infection sperm or a chemical contamination sperm or physical damage sperm, which provides a basis for clinical treatment.

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