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Two -year -old baby is most suitable for learning to draw pictures

According to statistics, the intellectual development in children’s painting education depends on the age of education: children who are trained at the age of 2-3, 91%have rich imagination and creative ability; Period, painting education for children at this time can promote the development of children’s painting talents.

The two -year -old baby’s little hand began to try to knock, throw, shoot, dance, and so on. If you start to provide painting tools at this time so that they can try to change various lines and color blocks on the paper through the movements of their hands. Early graffiti activities can help the development of large muscles in children, and learn visual control from repeated action. Children over the age of 2, they can use symbolic symbols to express their hearts in their destinations. This period is the best age for learning painting.

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Studies have shown that human brain nerve cells have their own development critical period. Once they miss it, the effect of stimulation and re -education will be worse. Therefore, parents should grasp the key period of the age of 2 years old to cultivate.

(Intern editor: Liu Yinying)


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