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Under what circumstances will get uremia

When there are various chronic kidney diseases for a long time, the condition has not been treated in time, or the condition cannot be controlled, and the kidney function will decrease, and the uremia will be uremia.

Urexia is due to the loss of renal function and the accumulation of toxins in the body.Clinically, various kidney diseases have gradually developed, functional gradually decreases, and eventually develops into uremia.Once the uremia stage is entered, a series of pathological changes will occur in the patient’s body.The most typical changes are the metabolic disorders of water and toxins, and water cannot be discharged from the body.Mild patients with edema and hypertension, severe patients with thoracic tightness, and uremia -cerebral symptoms with conscious disorders.When uremia, renal function tests will find that creatinine and urea nitrogen are significantly increased, accompanied by significantly elevated blood potassium and acid poisoning.Causes of uremia: First of all, there are some pre -kidney factors, such as long -term dehydration, sweating, no timely and effective hydration, and the kidney is in ischemia for a long time, which may cause renal insufficiency or even uremia.Secondly, due to various reasons, such as stones and tumor compression, or failure to urinate in time, causing renal obstruction, urine cannot be effectively excreted in time, which may cause uremia.Then some renal diseases, such as glomerular nephritis, medicinal renal injuries, etc., can also cause uremia.The last some renal vascular diseases, such as renal artery stenosis, can cause insufficient blood supply to the kidney and kidney atrophy.If it is not effective for a long time, it will also develop into uremia.

Pay attention to uremia: first pay attention to healthy diet, low -salt and low oil diet.If there is no dialysis, the protein content in the food needs to be controlled, mainly high -quality protein, namely eggs, milk, meat and soybean protein.Avoid overeating, ensure a regular life, and avoid staying up late.Patients can also perform appropriate exercise to enhance physical resistance, reduce the probability of infection, and maintain good emotions.Then treatment, it is recommended to regularly come to the hospital to evaluate various complications, such as renal anemia, calcium and phosphorus metabolic disorders, hyperkalemia, metabolic acid poisoning, etc., and adjust the drug treatment at any time according to the test results to control various complications.It should be noted that follow the doctor’s suggestion and follow up regularly.

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