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Baby sign language benefits

Benefits 1. Improve communication convenience

Baby sign language can help parents and children enjoy the fun of communication, and reduce their anxiety and frustration due to poor interaction.

Benefits 2. Enhance speaking ability

Studies have confirmed that all children who have learned infant language can speak the number of vocabulary, language understanding, and vocabulary.

Benefits 3. Enhance the self -confidence of children

When children express their minds through sign language, if others can correctly meet their needs, they will help young children to establish self -confidence and promote him to express their thoughts more in the future.

Benefit 4. Fast and correct expression

Letting children learn baby sign language from childhood will help the development of future language. According to relevant research and practical teaching, all children who have studied infant sign language have a preliminary understanding of the concept of language structure and grammar. When entering the language learning stage, they can quickly and correct their minds.

Baby sign language 3 questions

Q1: Will it be difficult for the baby to learn?

When it comes to sign language, our memory seems to be dazzling gestures. Parents will inevitably suspect that it will be difficult to learn, but this is not the case. Because most of the baby’s sign language only expresses 1 concept in one gesture. For example, if you put your index finger in front of your lips, you will not use the gestures and do not need to use the sign language. Besides Learning, it is also very difficult to understand.

In fact, baby sign language is not a new invention. At the beginning of learning to speak, babies would originally imitate the gestures and movements of adults to express their meanings, such as nodding “happy”. Therefore, making good use of sign language is to further guide children to exert their original potential.

Teaching children to learn baby sign language is as simple as speaking. As long as you learn a few words related to physiological needs in the early days, while talking to your child, the key word is drawn to the child. , Children can understand these key words.

Q2: When is the best time to learn?

Baby sign language is suitable for any child who is learning to speak, but the main learning objects are mostly concentrated in children under 3 years old. During the 6 to 8 months, the best time to start learning baby sign language. At this time, parents are already able to handle parenting affairs more proficiently. With more time and energy to teach their children, the children have gradually been able to sit and learn. Sign language is more convenient. The most important thing is that the physiological development of children has gradually matured (including hand -eye coordination, understanding, and memory ability), which can cope with the needs of learning gestures.

In addition to judging according to age, the following 3 performances can also be used as an observation indicator. When the child appears any of the performance, it means that the child is suitable for learning sign language:

1. Children often refer to the west, and vote for adults to ask for inquiries.

2. I already know how to wave their hands to express “goodbye.”

3. When things fall, you will lower your head to find things.

Q3: After using gestures, do children do not like to express in spoken language?

The actual situation is just the opposite. All children who use gestures have stronger motivation to strengthen spoken learning. The reason is that the child experiences the benefits of communication early through the sign language, so he is more willing to try other effective communication methods, that is, using a more formal communication method -spoken language.

The baby’s physiological development is staged. When the child is six or seven months old, the oral development is not complete, but it has begun to crawl with your hands. At this time “It is much simpler and more effective. Naturally, when children can use spoken expressions to express their needs, they will not continue to use sign language too much, just like the child who will leave, it is not easy to ask him to climb.

Successful learning 4 elements

Teachers must work together

From the perspective of the actual sign language teaching process, most of the mothers are particularly active. In fact, it is best to participate in all members of the family who take care of their children, such as dads, grandpa, grandma, nanny, etc., so that the child has more opportunities to learn sign language, and once the child has the right sign language feedback, that is, he can already understand the sign language. When it means and correctly express gestures, it will not affect the communication effect because the adults around them do not understand.

When a professor, I have to be in contact with

No matter how simple gestures are, we must determine that children can see it. Because the concentration of children’s attention is relatively short, parents often feel that their children’s opponents have no response. In addition to the reasons why the children have not absorbed and understood, the biggest possibility is that the child does not see the parents’ sign language at all. Therefore, parents must have a direct contact with their children when drawing sign language to determine that the child is receiving the message. If the child’s attention is not easy to concentrate, he can use sound or other interesting items to attract his attention. Otherwise, even if parents spend more time, children will not be efficient in learning sign language.

Make more opportunities for performance

Once you start to learn baby sign language, parents are most looking forward to the child can express it in sign language as soon as possible. However, the first two months may be the hardest time. Because the child is in the absorption stage, there is basically no feedback, so parents must be patient. Of course, if you really want to see the results as soon as possible, parents can also make some performance opportunities appropriately, such as the child is hungry and does not need to directly meet the young children. It can guide the child to use sign language to express the needs of eating.

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When teaching sign language, parents must accompany the gesture to say the title of action or take out the corresponding physical items.Do not think that gestures are the only focus of baby sign language. In fact, “speaking” is the protagonist.Repeated enhancement of spoken language can help children understand the meaning of gestures and also help the development of spoken expression ability in the future.And physical items can not only help children understand sign language, but also a great way to deepen the impression.

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