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Urexia and unhealthy living habits are closely related to prevention. Pay attention to four points

Uremia is a relatively high incidence of disease in recent years. It is not a single disease, but a kind of self -poisoning syndrome that caused metabolites and other toxic substances due to renal failure.The worst performance.The cause of uremia is not unique, but it has an inevitable connection with our unhealthy living habits.

Urexia and unhealthy living habits are closely related to prevention. Pay attention to four points

How is uremia caused?

1. Diabetic nephropathy

30%to 50%of patients with diabetes can affect the kidneys.Diabetes patients have insulted insulin secretion in the body, causing sugar and fat metabolism disorders.In the state of high sugar, the endothelial cells of the glomerular capillaries are damaged, causing renal inflammatory reactions, involving the renal tubular and interstitial quality, causing glomerular ball, fibrosis of the renal tubular and renal quality, and the loss of renal function.Eventually cause uremia.

2. Hypertension and kidney disease

15%of patients with hypertension will directly turn uremia.Long -term hypertension increases the pressure of the small arteries of glomerular goals, and the high pressure in the glomerular ball will cause damage to the capillary endothelial cells and start the process of renal fibrosis.After renal insufficiency, the state of ischemia and hypoxia will further exacerbate hypertension.Once the vicious cycle of the two starts, it will enter uremia at a certain period of time.

3. Urinary infection

If the urinary system infection is improperly treated, it can not only cause stones, but also cause the germ rebel infection. It can also affect the pelvis, renal tubes, and kidney quality, and then damage the endothelial cells of the glomerus, damage the kidney unit, affect the kidney functionDevelopment is declining and causing uremia.

Early symptoms of uremia

1. Fatter

Tired, fatigue, dizziness, headache … This is the signs of uremia, but because these symptoms are not easy to identify, they are often ignored. Most people often think that this is the reason for excessive work.

2. The face is dark yellow

The dark yellow or white hair is mainly caused by anemia, but the development of this symptom is relatively slow and peaceful, which is difficult to attract attention.

3, edema

Edema is a typical manifestation of kidney disease, and symptoms of edema will occur during the stage of uremia.However, if you continue to edema or systemic edema, it is likely that it has developed to the initial stage of uremia.

4. Lisal appetite

Symptoms of loss of appetite or indigestion are likely to decompose urea in the intestinal bacteria to decompose urea into ammonia, ammonia stimulating gastric and intestinal mucosa cause inflammation, and the degree of at this time is still mild.

5. Hypertension

Due to the damage to the kidney function, water and sodium will remain in the human body. In addition, the kidney will secrete some substances that increase blood pressure.Therefore, early patients with uremia will have different degrees of hypertension.

Pay attention to the prevention of uremia four points

1. Keep good health

Usually pay attention to preventing colds and various infections, often participating in sports, enhancing their own physique, and preventing various acute and chronic nephritis.

2. Scientific and reasonable diet

Drink plenty of water, eat more light vegetarian, eat less spicy and greasy food, and keep the diet low salt and low fat.Usually drink less alcohol, smoke less, and actively prevent the occurrence of diseases such as coronary heart disease, hypertension, arteriosclerosis.

3. Do not abuse drugs

If you are sick, you can seek medical treatment in time whether it is a fever or a cold or other situations.Do not take medicines yourself. First, to avoid delay treatment. In addition, many cold medicines have kidney toxicity. Taking random taking it can easily cause irreversible damage to the kidneys and eventually cause uremia.

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4. Avoid excessive fatigue

No matter how important work is, you must keep your rest time for yourself. Continuous high -intensity work must not exceed a week, otherwise it is not just kidney disease. Sudden death is possible.


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