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“Urexia” is young, what is the root cause?Maybe it is three things to do too much

Nowadays, the high incidence of uremia in our country is related to the reasons for high -fat, high salt, high -protein heavy taste habits, do not pay attention to chronic diseases, and often stay up late urine.

Not only are there more and more uremia patients, but they are gradually showing a trend of rejuvenation, and young people are not unusual with uremia.

1. “Urexia” is young, 3 things are the root causes

Urexia is constantly focusing on young people. In recent years, uremia patients aged 10-30 accounted for 40%of the total number of people. There is a reason for youthfulness of uremia.

Urexia, that is, the end of the renal failure, the various metabolic products, moisture, waste, etc. in the body cannot be discharged in time, causing the human body to produce various poisoning syndrome.

Chronic kidney disease does not actively control. With the development of the disease, it may cause irreversible damage to renal function, and even renal failure.

Urexia tends to be younger, the following things may be the root cause.

1. Always stay up late

Ma Huarin, deputy chief physician of the Department of Nephrology of Shenzhen People’s Hospital, pointed out that 13%of kidney genes are related to the rhythm of the biological day and night. The kidney operation has its own biological clock system. Generally, the kidney blood flow of the kidney will be reduced by half. Disordinate, induces kidney injury.

2. Smoking

Smoking is not only related to various respiratory diseases such as lung cancer, but also has certain renal toxicity. Frequent smoking will affect the blood flow dynamics of the kidneys, damage the renal function, and even increase the risk of uremia.

3. I often urinate

Frequent urination behaviors can cause bacteria to reproduce in the bladder. Once the flow is returned, it may induce kidney infection or urinary tract infection, and even increase the risk of uremia.

Two, 3 kinds of food actually hurt the kidney, remember to eat less

Some foods that many people are eating will slowly cause kidney damage, especially the following foods, and they should also eat as little as possible.

1. Lamb

Lamb itself contains a lot of purine and animal fats. Eating too much will cause uric acid to increase, promote kidney arteriosclerosis, and may even induce kidney diseases, so try to eat less.

2. Foods with high phosphorus

Among foods such as animal liver, dried fruits, aquatic products, egg yolks, the phosphorus content is very high. Eating too much will increase the burden on the kidneys and induce kidney damage.

3. High -salt food

High -salt foods such as pickles and salted fish may increase the metabolic burden of the kidneys, which is not conducive to kidney health, and eat less.

How long can I live in uremia?

Many people feel kidney cancer as soon as they hear uremia and think that it won’t be long. In fact, if uremia is actively and effectively treated, it can also extend the survival cycle.

After diagnosis of uremia, if scientific and effective treatment is obtained, some patients can extend for more than ten or twenty years, but if you use a recipe or not treated, it is likely that you can only live for several months or one or two years. The important thing is that uremia must be prevented.

1. Avoid chemicals that damage the kidneys

Among the products such as car tail gas, coatings, household cleaners, pesticides and other products, it may contain some chemicals such as cadmium and tetrachloride. It may be damaged to the kidneys as much as possible, and it should be avoided.

2. Ensure sufficient rest

It is usually necessary to ensure sufficient sleep and let the kidneys have time to rest.

3. Low protein diet in patients with kidney disease

Patients who have diagnosed nephropathy should try to choose a low -protein diet, try to eat eggs, milk and other foods, and eat less bean products.

Ure and uremia is not uncommon among young people. It is mainly related to young people who often stay up late and have unhealthy diets. They usually stay away from some foods that hurt kidneys and prevent uremia. Once diagnosis is confirmed, active treatment.

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