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Use the pair of diapers to keep the baby away from the red fart

“Rasal rash” is commonly known as “red butt”. The symptoms of diaper rash are more serious in large areas, while the symptoms are milder concentrated in a certain area. Rough redness, swollen and red dots, with itching symptoms.

Why does the baby have diaper rash? This is because the thickness of the baby’s skin is equivalent to 1/10 of adult skin, which is easily damaged when friction. In addition, the baby’s metabolism is very active, especially the water metabolism, but the bladder is small, and the urine and stools are rowed many times a day. If you don’t take care of it in time, your hips will always be humid and urinary pollution, which will induce diaper rash.

Rasal rash prevention taulles

First, in order to reduce the contact time of your baby’s skin and feces urine, you should change your diaper. It is usually recommended to change every 2 to 3 hours, or if the baby is pulled, you must change the diaper in time.

Second, when replacing the diapers, rinse the butt with flowing warm water, and then use a soft cotton or gauze to shoot dry butt.

Third, avoid worn the skin when wearing diapers. Avoid it for too long. If you have a diaper rash, you should also use as much as possible diapers.

Fourth, wash your baby’s hips frequently. After each urination and bowel movement, use warm water to clean the baby’s hips and wipe the thin hip lip oil;

There are also rumors that the hair dryer can prevent diaper rash, which actually makes sense. The hair rash can be prevented with a hair dryer, but the hair dryer should be set at a low temperature place and blow dry the baby’s diapers. After drying, apply some ointment to the diapers on his little fart.

Care of diaper rash

1. Wash your hips with warm water and dry water with a soft towel to disable soap to avoid scrubbing directly with a small towel. You can expose your baby’s hips to the air or the sun. Exposes 2-3 times a day.

2. Severe diaper rash can use infrared lamps or goose neck lights to illuminate the hips. When illuminating the hips, the nursing staff must be guarded to avoid burns. If a boy, you can cover the perineum with diapers. You can also apply cod liver oil ointment.

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