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Uterine front wall fibroid picture


The anterior walls of the uterus are generally related to factors such as genetic or endocrine disorders. Patients can take measures according to specific factors.

The anterior wall of the uterine is that the position of fibroids grows in the anterior wall of the uterine body. If the fibroids are large, it may cause an increase in the volume of the uterine cavity, and it may also affect uterine contraction.


Uterine front wall fibroid picture

If the mother suffers from anterior wall fibroids, its offspring has a higher chance of suffering from anterior wall fibroids.In addition, due to environmental factors, eating habits, emotional tension and other reasons, it is easy to cause hormone level disorders in the body, endocrine disorders, and may cause anterior uterine fibroids.


If the volume of the anterior wall of the uterus is relatively small and less than 5cm in diameter, generally no special treatment is required, and if necessary, you can also take drugs with blood circulation and stasis, such as centered capsules, Guizhi Poria pills, etc.For patients with ineffective drug treatment and excessive fibroids, surgical treatment such as uterine fibroids and uterine resection can be selected according to their own conditions.

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