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UV is the most skinny?It can also cure skin diseases

The aging of the skin is divided into two types: light aging and natural aging. In the aging of light, the ultraviolet rays are “head of the scourge”. In addition, ultraviolet irradiation is one of the main causes of sunburn, sunburn, and skin cancer. So, is ultraviolet rays really nothing?

of course not. To grasp the measurement, ultraviolet rays are good for health. For the human body, in the sun every day, it can promote the transformation of dehydrogenation cholesterol in the skin into D3, promote the calcification of bone matrix and the development of bone, help the absorption of calcium, and effectively prevent osteoporosis in the elderly. Secondly, ultraviolet rays can also kill bacteria on the surface of the skin and play a role in disinfection. It has a great effect on the treatment of certain skin diseases. It is actually effective to go to Hainan to soak sunlight baths to treat psoriasis. In addition, ultraviolet rays can enhance the excitement of sympathetic nerve adrenaline, and exposure to the sun can enhance immunity.

In addition to the above benefits, ultraviolet rays can also treat skin diseases.

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(UV rays can also be used to treat skin diseases)

According to Japanese media reports, the 2014 Nobel Prize winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics and professor of Nagoya University in Japan recently said that it plans to promote research on the application of light -emitting diode (LED) technology in the medical field, including UV radiation to treat psoriasis and vitiligo Treatment equipment for waiting.

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Ultraviolet irradiation has long begun to treat skin diseases in clinical practice. This therapy is also called ultraviolet phototherapy. It is a physical therapy technology that uses ultraviolet radiation to prevent diseases. Traditional ultraviolet therapy in dermatology discipline generally refers to the use of artificial light sources UVB, UVA, and UVB combined with UVA radiation to treat skin diseases. In recent years, new spectrals for skin diseases have been discovered, such as 311nm UVB, known as Nar-UVB (NB-UVB) and UVA1 (340 ~ 400nm). The most powerful part of the biological activity in ultraviolet rays directly acts directly on the skin affected area. The side effects are small, the effect is short, and the effectiveness is fast. It is currently the most advanced technology for treating vitiligo and psoriasis at home and abroad.

In addition, ultraviolet rays have good drying, sterilization, and anti -inflammatory effects, and have a direct killing effect on bacteria or viruses in superficial tissues. They have the effects of accelerating blood circulation, analgesic, promoting epithelial regeneration, accelerated the repair and healing of skin lesions, and can be healed. Effectively reduce the response of inflammation, improve local blood circulation, promote rash healing and relieve pain, etc. Therefore, the ultraviolet light treatment system also has a certain treatment effect on rose clipper, shingles, eczema, dermatitis and other diseases.

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