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Vaginitis hyperplasia pictures


Vaginitis hyperplasia usually refers to vulvar hyperplasia of vulva -like epithelium. It is a vulvar disease that is characterized by vulvar itching as the main characteristics. The cause is not clear. Excessive or moss -like changes in vulva can be seen. Comprehensive treatment should be taken after illness.method.


Vaginitis hyperplasia pictures

The cause of vulva -like epithelial proliferation is unknown.It may be related to the reduction of the alpha content of local A acid, or it can be secondary to other diseases of the vulva, or it may be related to chronic friction or scratching stimulation.


Followed by the doctor’s advice, it can be treated with fluorine ointment ointment, Qu Annarid ointment and other drugs.Physical therapy can also be selected. Physical therapy mainly refers to eliminating or reducing itching by destroying abnormal epithelium and destroying the inner nerve endings of the dermis layer.Common physical therapy methods include focusing on ultrasound therapy and laser laser.


Pay attention to keeping the vulva clean and dry, avoid using soap or other stimulus to clean the vulva, choose cotton -breathable underwear to avoid scratching the affected area. It is recommended to eat a light diet.

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