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Vercosoma is added at a high price, and women eat breast cancer!How to make up for estrogen?

Ms. Zhang, 45, caused emotional anxiety due to work pressure. Sometimes her aunt was absent and went to the hospital for examination and found that the level of estrogen was low. Ms. Zhang was afraid of premature aging. Estrogen’s female nourishing products.

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After eating for more than half a year, one day Ms. Zhang suddenly touched her right chest and had a medium -sized mass with a medium -sized lump. She was panicked to the hospital immediately. Moisture of breast cancer!

What is the normal estrogen level of women?

Estrogen, including estrogen, estradiol, etc., is mainly produced by women’s ovaries and placenta. A small amount of liver, adrenal cortex, breast secretion, during pregnancy, placenta can also be secreted in large quantities. Estrogen is the main element of women’s normal physiological health. Healthy adult women, the level of estrogen in the body is kept in a reasonable range.

The level of estrogen in women’s body changes with the cycle of the ovaries. Generally, the level of female estrogen before ovulation will increase, and it will decrease slightly after ovulation, and the horizontal level will gradually increase after one week of ovulation. The estrogen level before and during ovulation is between 140-526pg/ml, and after ovulation, it will drop below 200pg/ml. If it is a woman who is already in a menopause period, the estrogen level will further decrease.

Estrogen imbalance, more or less bad

The level of estrogen is too low, which will accelerate the aging process of women’s skin, making it lack of elasticity, gloss, drying, wrinkles, various pigments, etc. At the same time

Women are more likely to have menopausal syndrome, such as heat, sweating, insomnia, emotional instability, etc. If it is a young woman, it will affect the quality of fertility.

If the estrogen level is too high, it will also affect the body. The first is obesity, high level of estrogen, stimulating fat storage. Secondly, the high level of estrogen has caused the endometrium to thicken, and the normal peeling of the endometrium is affected, which will cause irregular menstruation.

Breast hyperplasia and breast cancer will also increase the chance of disease due to excessive estrogen levels. In addition, it will affect the normal development of follicles, which will eventually lead to ovulation disorders and infertility.

How to supplement the lack of estrogen?

With the advent of women’s menopause, many women will have various discomforts caused by the decrease in estrogen. Even women who do not have symptoms will also be worried that they will have an impact on their bodies, so many people buy estrogen by themselves.

This is actually very risky. Because taking it yourself does not know what the estrogen level in the body is. If the level of estrogen is too high, negative symptoms will occur, endometrial cancer, and breast cancer at the beginning of the article. Essence

If the estrogen in the human body is too high, it is likely to cause the chance of women with heart disease and breast cancer, and severe cases may even lead to dementia. External estrogen levels are one of the high -risk factors of endometrial cancer. If long -term use of a single estrogen, it may stimulate the endometrium continuous hyperplasia and increase the incidence of endometrial cancer.

Women after menopause cannot blindly take health foods. Some of the health foods contain estrogen. When purchasing health foods, you must read the ingredients contained in the labeling carefully to avoid hidden health hazards occurred in the body to increase the increase in the body.

On the other hand, women with breast cancer, pregnant women, abnormal liver function, and thrombosis such as cerebral thrombosis should not be supplemented with estrogen. Patients with uterine fibroids and patients with endometriosis, gallbladder disease, migraine, epilepsy, asthma, etc. should be used with careful use of estrogen.

In fact, if you want to supplement estrogen, you must first determine whether you really lack estrogen and cannot judge themselves. Instead, you should go to the hospital for professional laboratory examination, and then supplement or according to the real estrogen level. Adjustment.

How do women maintain their estrogen balance in their bodies?

The hormone level in the human body is always in a floating state, and the behavior habits and diet structure in daily life will affect the high and low hormone levels. For women, maintaining the balance of estrogen must maintain the balance of living habits.

First of all, the diet structure should be reasonable and proper. Whether it is vegetables and fruits or fish and bean eggs, it is necessary to take a moderate intake to maintain a balanced state, so that the hormone secretion in the body will not be disturbed.

Soy products contain soybean extensions, which have the functions of balanced estrogen and two -way regulation. Fish is rich in vitamin D, which can form a certain relationship with hormones in the body. Continuous consumption can regulate estrogen balance. Amaranth, garlic, shiitake mushrooms, tomatoes, pumpkin and other vegetables are rich in selenium; oysters, herbs, eels, kelp, beans, sesame, walnuts, etc. are rich in zinc, which have special effects on balanced estrogen.

Secondly, adjust the pressure to ensure sufficient sleep and not stay up late for a long time. Estrogen is mainly secreted by the ovaries, and the ovaries are directly affected by the anterior pituitary lobe. If they cannot rest sufficiently, or if they have been in great mental pressure for a long time, the secretion of hormones will be disturbed.

Finally, to avoid smoking and drinking, and also adhere to moderate exercise. The impact of tobacco and alcohol on the secretion of hormones is very direct, and moderate exercise can regulate the body’s metabolism, making hormone secretion in a reasonable state.

As women grow their age, the secretion of estrogen will gradually decrease. When the menopause comes, the estrogen in the body will change significantly. In this caseSituation, do corresponding treatment and adjustment.In short, the secretion of estrogen is closely related to age and living habits. A reasonable and healthy attitude towards life is essential for maintaining the normal level of estrogen.

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