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Vitamin helps the elderly to fight aging

Vitamin is particularly important for the elderly. Lack of vitamins can cause harm to the health of the body and even accelerate aging. Therefore, we must pay attention to daily life.

Botanical oil is a good source of food with vitamin E. It contains vitamin E rich foods such as sesame, walnuts, lean meat, milk, eggs, peanuts, lettuce, etc. , Cream and corn, yellow -green vegetables, are rich in vitamin E.

Vitamin A: Vitamin A’s main function is to promote protein synthesis. When vitamin A deficiency, it can affect the male testosteria tissue to produce sperm cells, the transliteration of the vasal pipe, the decrease in the weight of the testicular, the seminal vesicles become smaller, and the prostate keratinization. The lack of vitamin A’s normal secretion of vitamin A affects estrogen. Vitamin A only exists in animal tissues, more vitamin A in egg yolk, milk, cream, cod liver oil, and animal liver.

Vitamin B2: Generally, in the lack of vitamin B2, the human body will experience symptoms such as cornering, eyeliditis, conjunctivitis, tastitis, an ear and nose, dry skin and other symptoms. In fact, vitamin B2 is also closely related to the quality of sexual life. When the human body lacks vitamin B2, there will be problems with the mucosal layer in the human cavity, causing mucosal lesions and causing metabolic disorders of mucosal cells.

Vitamin B12: The physiological activity of vitamin B12 is largely decided to cobalt. Cobalt can reduce tissue oxygen consumption, thereby improving the tolerance of hypoxia and promoting the vitality of the body tissue in a hypoxic environment. Due to the lack of vitamin B12 for a long -term vegetarian, the concentration of sperm in semen is significantly lower than others, and the amount of semen is less than others, which affects normal sexual function. Foods rich in vitamin B12: animal liver, beef, pork, eggs, milk, cheese.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C can reduce the cohesion of sperm and facilitate semen liquefaction. The genetic DNA in sperm cells is protected by vitamin C’s antioxidant function. Lack of vitamin C sperm genetic genes are easily damaged, which can cause sperm fertilization ability to weaken infertility. Fresh vegetables such as green vegetables, leek, spinach, pepper, etc. Fresh fruits such as orange, red dates, hawthorn, kiwi, etc. contain more C.

Vitamin E: Vitamin E has the effect of regulating glands and extending sperm life. Both vitamin E and A can improve blood circulation, which can improve the movement of capillaries, especially the capillaries of the reproductive organs, which can improve sexual desire and increase sperm production. Botanical oil is the best source of food for vitamin E. It contains vitamin E rich foods such as sesame, walnuts, lean meat, milk, eggs, peanuts, lettuce, etc. , Cream and corn, yellow -green vegetables, are rich in vitamin E.

The specific manifestations are thinning mucosa, mucous membrane damage, and microvascular rupture. The damage caused by women’s reproductive organs is more serious. The most typical symptoms such as the dry vaginal wall, the congestion of the vaginal mucosa, and the collapse of the vaginal mucosa directly affect the sexual desires, cause sexual desires and sexual discomfort. Due to the pathological changes in the vaginal environment, sexual intercourse pain, fear of the same room, even if the husband and wife live, there is no pleasure, which will cause the woman to be extremely nervous and panic and exacerbate the pain. After supplementing vitamin B2, the above symptoms disappear quickly. Internal organs such as wheat, greens, soybeans, animals, and hearts are rich in vitamin B2.

(Intern editor: Lin Fei)

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