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Voltage tubular diseases cause male infertility

Experts tell you about the vasal disease caused by male infertility:

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1. The lack of congenital bilateral vasters is one of the reasons why men’s infertility. When clinical examination of patients, except for the bilateral scrotum that cannot be touched by the vascular tubes, laboratory examinations can be found that the patient’s semen is small (less than LML), no sperm, semen and no viscosity, fructose, low pH (about 6.5) is acidic , FSH, LH, testosterone is normal. In recent years, CT, MRI and other methods can directly observe the seminal vesicles. Whether the vasal and ejaculation pipes are the same as the size, but the aforementioned diagnostic indicators are still simple and applicable.

2. The main germs that cause reproductive pipeline infections in reproductive pipeline infections include: gonococci, syphilis, trichomonas, tuberculosis germs, and White Candida. After the reproductive pipe infection, due to the pathological changes of inflammation, all the vasters are blocked and become azoospermia. Light symptoms and asymptomatic reproductive pipes infection. Although the vasal channel channel is not completely damaged, it can cause bacteria in the semen, which causes sperm cell poisoning, shortening sperm life and sperm condensation. Sometimes it can also cause immature sperm sperm Early fall off. Some other germs can also be found in semen, such as mycoplasma, hepatitis virus, and non -gonococcal urethra infection. Some bacteria have strong survivability in semen, and they are not even dead when frozen. In the semen of the infertility, the number of bacteria accounts for about 30%. If the pathogenic bacteria greater than 103/ml, the non -pathogenic bacteria can cause infertility.

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The epididymitis is a common clinical disease. Most follow the urethral infection. The main pathogenic bacteria are E. coli, bacteria, and splin bacteria, which are usually infected by subsidence in the vollar tube, and blood infection is rare. The pathological change of epididymitis changes to epididymal epithelial congestion, edema, and inflammatory exudation in the lumen, and then a scar tissue is formed, causing epididymal tube obstruction. So bilateral epididymitis can cause infertility. The tuberculosis of the men’s genitals, whether infection or infection with blood through blood, is first of all in the seminal vesicles. The lesions are caused in the prostate, and then the vascular lumen or the lymphatic vessels spread to the epididymis, causing the tuberculosis. The lesions of the epididymal tuberculosis often start from the tail, and then expand to the body and the head and the head and epididymia. At the same time, the vasal tube is often thickened, and the hardness is beaded. Therefore, epididymal tuberculosis on both sides often causes infertility.

3. Trauma and trauma of reproductive pipes may have trauma and surgical injury. The urethral injuries were not repaired, and most of them caused obstruction of sperm passage. Urelatia injuries can be caused by improper use of cross -injury, pelvic fracture, stabilizer stabbing, and various urethral equipment (such as urethral spies, metal urethra, cystoscopy, mountytic mirror, etc.). It is commonly damaged in the urethral ball and membrane parts, which causes urethral stenosis and obstruction, and semen cannot be discharged. The pelvic cavity, groin, and perineum surgery are prone to accidentally injury or sperm tubes. If it fails to deal with it in time, it can also cause obstruction of the infusion channel.

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