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Volticism can cause male infertility to cause male infertility

Men’s infertility caused by the obstruction of the vasters is a common phenomenon of clinical clinical. In this case, most of them are sperm -free during examination. However, the cause must be made during the diagnosis, because development can also occur such results such as chromosomal abnormalities. There are very important differences in the treatment, some can be treated, and some cannot be treated.

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Sperm discharge must be output small tubes, epididymia, vasia, ejaculation pipes and part of the urethra by testicular output. The obstruction of any of the above can affect the discharge of sperm. If the unilateral vascular pipe is obstructed, the impact on fertility is not great. For example, if the bilateral obstruction and the sperm cannot be discharged normally, it will lead to infertility.

The common causes of the obstruction of the vasters pipeline are the following: infection of urogenital systems, such as epididymitis, prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, or tuberculosis tuberculosis, etc., causing obstruction of the vasters of vasters, and more commonly connected to the connection with the admission tube. Damage: such as hernia repair, spermatic vein, and spermatic tumor surgery, etc. can be injured and vastered pipes; epididymal sperm cysts, testicular hydrocellic effusion surgery can hurt the epididymia; prostate surgery can cause the ejaculation tube mouth to be closed; Direct damage, but postoperative infection adhesion scars, etc., can be compressed and obstructed by the vasal pipeline. Tumors: such as epididymal tumors, seminal tumors, prostate tumors, etc., can cause obstruction of the vasters. Congenital malformations: such as epididymal head, body, and tail section, such as a section or completely lack of vasters. The vasters are not connected to the epididymis, and the epididymal, vasal tube or seminal vesicles are inaccurate.

The obstruction of the vascus pipe can cause obstruction sperm -free. It is also clinically called a pseudo -sperm. Its clinical manifestations and characteristics are: the testicular size is normal, no sperm, serum promoting folliclecendin (FSH) and testosterone content is normal The results of testicular biopsy pathological examinations are normal. However, to confirm the diagnosis, it is necessary to perform angiography.

After understanding the obstruction of the vastered pipeline above, the obstruction of the vas The pipeline is observed, and I hope to help everyone. At the same time, it is recommended that men pay attention to their own health and avoid male infertility.

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