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Volume cyst diagnosis certificate picture


The diagnosis of ovarian cysts usually distinguish between factors such as ovarian tumor -like lesions, fallopian tube ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, and pregnancy uterus.Most of the ovarian tumor -like lesions are unilateral, thin -walled, and less than 8cm in diameter.


Volume cyst diagnosis certificate picture

Ovarian cysts are mainly related to environmental, diet, infection, hormone and other factors.


Most ovarian cysts generally do not have obvious symptoms. As the cyst increases, the phenomenon of lower abdomen discomfort and swelling may occur.


Patients with ovarian cysts can take drugs such as diamond vine capsules, red gold consumption slices, Guizhi Poria capsules and other drugs for treatment. They can also take short -acting contraceptives for treatment, such as alcohol ketone tablets.For patients with large cysts, surgical treatment, such as ovarian cyst removal, whole uterine resection, etc., postoperative radiotherapy and chemotherapy are needed.


During taking these drugs, you should also pay attention to dietary changes.It is forbidden to eat high -fat and high cholesterol foods, and do not eat pickled food.

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