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Want a woman to bring its own fragrance?These three methods may be able to fulfill you a “Xiangfei Dream”

There is a word called “Wen Xiangzhi Woman”. Literal understanding, we can know who can identify who the person is through the taste of the woman.People have an unknown odor that makes people want to escape.

For those in love, two people have been familiar with the smell of the other half for a long time. Once the taste is far away from you, it seems to lose a sense of security.

First, why do some women have a body fragrance, but some people smell it?

First of all, human body taste is universal, because as long as everyone is still alive, they will definitely emit different experience.

On the skin of the human body, there are 3 million cells, 100 sweat glands, and more than 20 fat pores per square centimeter. This is only the average data, and the situation of each person has a certain difference. As a result, some human flavor is strong.Some human body is weak, and others have a body fragrance.

In addition to universality, there is still differences.Some body taste is fragrant, or it is good to say that it is good.Especially the good smell of some women’s body is produced by estrogen, and this taste is usually not smelled by themselves. Only the outside world, especially the opposite sex, is more sensitive to this unique taste.

This is because the pheromone secreted by individuals is playing.The pheromone is also called external hormones, and the individual is secreted in the body. Other individuals of the same species can feel its existence through the olfactory organs, and almost all animals have pheromone.

In 2007, Professor Miller at the University of Florida conducted a study. He had a statistics of more than 5,000 shots of tip income of steel pipe dancers. The results showed that the dancer’s tip income at the ovulation period was 81%higher than other times.

Studies believe that this may be because women have a stronger pheromone during ovulation and their bodies have a strong attraction to the opposite sex.

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Among the differences of appreciation, there will be odor with fragrance, and some reasons that are strong and difficult to smell are also many aspects:

Smoking: Carbon monoxide excreted by smokers is 2.5 times more than those who do not smoke, so the taste is often pungent.

Diet: What foods to eat, the taste produced by food in the body will be different.For example, European and American diet structures have many meat, and their experience is often strong.Another example is eating garlic often, and there are more sulfides discharged, so often have a strong odor.

Body odor: In sweat from the big sweat glands in the armpit and other parts, this type of group is high. The fatty acid material is high. After the bacterial decomposition of the skin surface, it produces unsaturated fatty acids to form a typical odor.

Diseases: The effects of different diseases, the patient’s body will also produce a special smell.For example, patients with nephropathy progress to the stage of uremia, and because the toxins in the body are difficult to discharge in the blood, the body will emit urine smell.

For another example, diabetic patients, due to a large amount of fat oxidize the ketone body in the liver, causing the body to emit a rotten apple taste.

2. If you want to have “Xiangfei Dream”, try these 3 tricks

Healthy groups, as long as there is no body odor, and do not have some diseases, through dietary adjustment in daily life, it can change the taste of the body to a certain extent.

Different diet structures and habits directly affect the differences in body taste.People who often eat meat, the body is acidic, lactic acid, uric acid and other substances appear in a large number of metabolic processes, and the body will naturally inevitably produce odor.

Similarly, there are more volatile substances in garlic, onion, curry, 芫荽, leeks and other vegetables, so the taste produced is even more intense.

Improve your experience, you can adjust it through the diet below.

1. Control your diet and keep the acid -base balance

The meat diet causes an increase in acidic substances. In life, you can eat more alkaline fruits and fruits. This maintains the acid -base balance in the body. The sweat glands are adjusted and the appreciation will naturally improve.

Foods such as apples, mung beans, papaya, etc. can play the role of cleaning blood and promoting toxins in the body.Eating more appropriately, the experience will be lighter.

Because corn, sweet potatoes, wheat, beans, almonds and other foods, because they are rich in magnesium, eating more body will emit the taste of apricot.If you eat more iron -rich foods, such as beans, spinach, etc., foods are combined with hydrochloric acid in the body to form iron oxide, and the body will emit a unique aroma.

In addition, you may wish to eat more vinegar in your life, which can prevent the formation of ammonia substances from the root.

2. Use universal magic weapon -drink plenty of water

At the same time, drink more water, which increases the amount of urine. The metabolic substances in the body are discharged from the urine, reducing the excretion of the skin, and the odor cannot cover the normal experience.

3. Time to treat related diseases in time

While improving the body’s taste, if some stubborn odors appear in the body, such as urine (kidney disease), rotten apple flavor (diabetes), or rotten cabbage flavor (metabolic disorder), etc., you must be vigilant.

Because these are the disease factors, do not entangle any body taste at this time, but should hurry to see the doctor.

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