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Want to be a high -quality second child?Suo Yuan away from the “behind the scenes” that destroys the sperm

When the full second child was released, many couples quickly responded to the call of the motherland, like moths that hit the bulbs in a mess, and kept rushing at night, but they had never achieved results. At this time, men think, is it a decline in sperm quality, which affects fertility? It is true that whether it is age, social environmental factors or living habits will affect sperm function.


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The “behind the scenes” that destroys the sperm

Mental tension: Most male friends who want the second child have been working hard in the workplace for many years. As the pace of life and work increased, they frequently worked overtime, their spirit became more and more tight, and their bodies were in a state of stress fatigue for a long time. Over time, the stress semethor produced by this continuous state affects the hypothalamus-pituitary-testicular gland axis, which can significantly reduce the number of sperm.

Underwear is too tight: Have you ever thought that too tight underwear is also the enemy of sperm! British scholars have found that men wearing loose underwear have higher sperm activity. Sperm exercise ability is very important. Sperm with a slow swimming speed is difficult to achieve eggs, and it is impossible to get pregnant successfully. However, young people now love to catch up, and even underwear must be tight and stylish. This will not only be not conducive to sperm production, but also lead to decline in fertility.

Love high temperature: Nowadays, some male friends like to soak in a warm bathtub, and they are unwilling to get up. As everyone knows, high temperature is also one of the killer murderous sperm. The suitable temperature for sperm production and survival is lower than the body temperature of 1 ~ 2 ° C, and the winter bath is under high temperature environment for a long time, which will damage the survival environment of the sperm and damage the raw sperm epithelium. Remember! Do not have too long time for sauna baths, hot springs, and sleeping electric blankets.

Obesity: Male obesity will affect the development of reproductive systems such as testicles and penis. Dutch researchers have found that male sperm concentrations of more than 40 inches (about 102 cm) of waist circumference are lower, and sperm counts of normal exercise are less. Researchers believe that excessive weight of the abdomen will hinder the release of sex hormones and the production and development of sperm.

Men’s maintenance sperm is urgent

As the saying goes, “a drop of sperm and ten drops of blood” is very important for male friends, and the place where men make sperm are concentrated in testicles. The function of testicular manufacturing sperm will gradually decline with age. The older the age, the chances of environmental hormones, infection of reproductive tract, and the chances of disease have greatly increased. The impact of these external factors is sometimes much higher than the impact of age growth on testicular decline. Therefore, quickly do the maintenance work, and men can successfully raise health offspring.

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Modern medical research has found that semen contains more than 50 substances such as arginine, zinc, hormones, enzymes, calcium, and various vitamins. In terms of diet, experts suggest that you eat more kidney supplementation, nourishing qi and nourishing blood, to improve the quality and vitality of sperm. Usually increase physical exercise appropriately, avoid high temperature, relax the body and mind, eat more green vegetables, quit smoking and alcohol, and can also improve sperm quality.

Therefore, if you want to let your wife be pregnant with a high -quality second child as soon as possible, men’s sperm must be maintained quickly and stay away from the “behind the scenes” that destroys sperm.

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