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Want to change skin care products and be afraid of allergies?Use this trick test method quickly

Who can be your “true love” in the dazzling skin care products? When it comes to this problem, it is worried. Girls’ skin care products are piled on a table. No matter what skin texture is, buy it when you see others recommend it! In the event of discounts, you need to buy it! Buy new products!

A 25 -year -old netizen Xiao Mo posted online that he has used skin care products since the age of 13. There are 23 skin care brands he used to use! In the past 12 years, at least 2 different brands of skin care products are used each year. As a result, it has been stepped on the pit. Several sensitivity has appeared. The most serious one is a small rash on the face.

In order to find skin care products that are suitable for their skin, many people can only use their faces to make test products. This is the most effective method, but it cannot always be used as a test field for skin care products. Isn’t it troublesome to allergies?

How to avoid using allergies, Xiaojiu interviewed Wang Xiaoyan, chief physician of the dermatology department affiliated to Beijing Medical University, to let her teach everyone how to prevent allergies.

1. Prevention testing method

When trying new skin care products and effective freckle products, we must first look at the instructions carefully. Secondly, do test on your arms.

The test site is on the side of the forearm, clean the test site with water, apply skin care products or freckle products to the surface of the skin, and then wrap the test site with a plastic film. After 24 hours, pick it up, and then observe for 48 hours. If the skin does not respond, this product can be used.

2. Sun protection work is important

Skin care must follow the principles of gentle cleaning, soothing moisturizing, and strict sun protection. Many people do clean and moisturizing work, but forget to sunscreen, but don’t underestimate the sun. Increased pigmentation, skin sunburn, collagen fragmentation, and the defense function of the outside world will also weaken.

Dr. Wang Xiaoyan reminded that as long as the outdoor activities are performed during the day, sun protection should be performed regardless of season and weather.

In the summer, the dermatology department of major hospitals, consumers who cause skin allergies due to the use of sunscreen cosmetics. According to CCTV news reports, in addition to some photovoltaic patients with allergic symptoms of ultraviolet rays for their own reasons, most patients have skin skin skin skin Allergies are caused by sunscreen in sunscreen cosmetics.

How to buy sunscreen?

When looking at the sunscreen description, you must avoid two pyrathone-3. The material is strong and easy to allergic;

The face is often oiling, and the skin that is prone to acne should be used with refreshing sunscreen;

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Dry skin can use sunscreen with good moisturizing effect;

Nowadays, the short video app is more popular. A bunch of merchants selling products above, Xiao Jiu reminds everyone not to blindly buy sunscreen cosmetics blindly on the Internet to avoid unpredictable infringement of risks.

Summer is coming, remember to do a good job of sunscreen.

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