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Want to have a healthy and beautiful baby?Hurry up and stop 5 “killing” behavior!

The successor is the most important task of men, but now many couples are working hard to prepare for pregnancy, but they are always difficult to get pregnant. If men cannot provide high -quality sperm, they will not be able to get pregnant. In fact, men cannot provide high -quality sperm because there are five “killing sperm” behaviors.

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The first “killing” behavior of men was to drink and smoke. I believe that many men will have these two hobbies, and these two hobbies can be said to be the number one sperm “killer”. Alcohol can paralyze the sperm, make the sperm’s survival rate lower, and the chance of sperm deformed will increase. The nicotine in cigarettes can easily cause sperm defects. Once the defective sperm combines with eggs, the fetus will cause malformations. Therefore, if you want your baby, it is best to quit drinking for three months or more to ask for children.

The second “killing” behavior of men is frequent rooms. Many people will misunderstand that the number of houses is proportional to the chance of pregnancy. The facts are often the opposite. Frequent rooms in the same room will affect the quality of sperm, and it is not easy to get pregnant.

The third “killing” behavior of men is a obese figure. Facing the many foods outside, I believe everyone can’t control themselves and become a senior food. Because of the excessive diet, many men will have obesity. Obesity also means that there are many fats in men’s body, and excessive fat will affect the quality of sperm.

The fourth “killing” behavior of men is to not eat zinc -rich foods. Zinc is a nutrients and an important substance for sperm. If male deficiency, the production and survival of sperm will also be affected. Men should eat more oysters, because the zinc content of oysters is the highest.

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The fifth “killing” behavior of men is an environment of too high temperature. Sperm does not like too hot environments, and sperm’s scrotum is generally lower than the body surface temperature of the human body. If people are often in an overheated environment, the temperature of the scrotum will be higher and the formation of sperm will be limited. In order to improve the survival rate of sperm, men should not take too much hot bath or go to sauna.

These five “killing” behaviors believe that many men do it often, but if you want to have a healthy baby, you must try to avoid these five acts from today.


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