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Want to lose weight easily, come and join the natural thinning Chinese medicine concentration camp

There are many weight loss effects in Chinese medicine, and a large part of the withdrawal is used as a weight loss food, weight loss capsule, weight loss tea, etc. The following introduces some commonly used Chinese medicine, which has a good guidance for you to know about weight loss Chinese medicine and purchase weight loss foods. effect.


Features: contain hawthorn, tannic acid, saponin, fructose, vitamin C, protein, fat oil, amino acid, alcoholic acid, citric acid, flavonoids, lipids, fresh lipase, sugar and calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc.

Efficacy: It has expanding blood vessels, reducing heart load, increasing coronary blood flow, improving myocardial blood supply to blood, oxygen supply, and alleviating angina pectoris. It has a certain effect on chest tightness and palpitations. By reducing blood lipids by spleen storage accumulation, it has a light weight loss effect.

Stir -up

Features: containing danda ketone, osamidone, albinistone, vitamin E.

Efficacy: promoting blood circulation and removing stasis, lowering lipids and losing weight, and soothing.


Features: unsaturated fatty acids such as linolenic acid and oleic acid.

Efficacy: significantly reduce total serum cholesterol and triglycerides.


Features: Polymorrhine plant Purple or Chi orchid’s whole plant.

Efficacy: Inhibit the combination and transformation of lipids, achieve blood lipids, prevent atherosclerosis, and lose weight.

Chicken blood vine

Features: Douye plant dense flowers, white flower oil vine, Xianghua rock stone vine or leaf rock bean vine.

Efficacy: blood circulation and muscles, prevent atherosclerosis, and lose weight.


Efficacy: antibacterial and anti -inflammatory, clearing heat and detoxifying, lowering blood lipids to lose weight.

Contraindications: Boil water.

Cao Junming (Cassia)

Features: contains rhinearin, rhubarin, rhilobilic acid, aloe vera, rhinoplastin, rhinoplaside glycoside, rhiliner, rhilin methar ether, and dealer.

Efficacy: antihypertensive, blood lipids, antibacterial, weight loss.


Features: The main components of fat are linoleic acid.

Efficacy: nourishing kidney, moisturizing the lungs, nourishing the liver, and light eyes, anti -aging prevention and treatment of hypertension arteriosclerosis, lowering lipid weight loss.

Contraindications: It should be made into weight loss medication.

Lotus leaf

Efficacy: remove annoyance and quench thirst, lose weight and lower lipids.


Features: contain a variety of alkaloids such as maple coults, water and soda, pupils, and mother grass.

Efficacy: activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis, liposuction to lose weight.


Features: There are Huangju (Picture-News-webpage), Bai Ju, Hang Ju.

Efficacy: Shufeng, clearing heat, clear eyes, detoxification, fat reduction, weight loss.

Contraindications: You can make tea.


Efficacy: qi and stagnation, blood circulation and pain, relieving wind and dampness, fat dehumidation.


Features: contain a variety of amino acids, minerals, vitamins.

Efficacy: Blood and blood, blood circulation and removing blood stasis, lowering fat and losing weight.

Contraindications: Those who can take medicine, cooking and medicated meals, and stool.

Cotton roots

Features: Contains a large amount of sugar, glucose, a small amount of fructose, xylose and citric acid, apple acid, oxalic acid, etc.

Efficacy: wet water and water, lower body lipids.


Efficacy: Water dampness has obvious effects on the treatment of hyperlipidemia, diabetes, fatty liver, and stroke recovery period.

Chen Chen

Efficacy: bile, lowering pressure, diuretic, and weight loss.

Note: You can make tea and boil water for weight loss. You can also make soup with other ingredients. However, it should be noted that the Chinese medicine for weight loss is not suitable for everyone, especially for some traditional Chinese medicines with relatively cold medicine. You must ask the doctor to use it, and the time to take medicine should not be too long.

(Editor in charge: Wang Yanyu)

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