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Want to make the areola pink tender use these three methods

As we grow older, when we clean our bodies, we will find that the original pink areola color becomes darker and darker, especially the breasts of women who have experienced breastfeeding will be like this. What should I do? For the pink of the isola, the ordinary method does not have a good effect. Try these three methods.

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Whitening products: Use whitening products containing cuminicin and A -acid to apply areola, which has the effect of nourishing, but the whitening effect is limited. In addition, for people who change the changes in hormone secretion after pregnancy, because the melanin is precipitated in the dermis layer, and whitening products are only effective for the melanin of the epidermis layer. Essence

Laser pale areola: The advantage is that the effect is fast, the disadvantage is that the wound recovery time is long and the cost is high. The cost is determined by the isola size and color depth. The recovery period is about 10-12 days. When the scabs fall behind, it can become pink areola like a young girl, but with the personal constitution, the original color will be restored in about 3 to 6 months. Pay special attention to postoperative care:

1. 3-4 days after surgery, there will be local puffiness and isola. The areola wounds will scab and fall off by themselves. Before the wound healing, be careful not to dip the water, and pay attention to local hygiene and conditioning to avoid infection. Do not wear tight clothes.

2. Due to individual differences, a small number of people will have different degrees of color. This is the phenomenon of pigmentation caused by physical trauma, high pigment constitution or infection. Normally, no treatment is required.

3. During the recovery period, you cannot dip the water, and you cannot carry out activities such as fumigation, sauna, swimming and strong sports. Persist in using a cotton swab to apply repair agent for more than 10 days, wipe 4 to 5 times day by day, so that the repair agent can be absorbed naturally and prevent discoloration.

Permanent bleaching: The tattoo method is used to pierce the areola into pink. Although the effect is permanent, the red tattoo is difficult to remove. Once the pink nipple is tattooed, it may be difficult to recover.

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