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Washing machine Washing socks will spread bacteria?What happened to socks and underwear?Tell you the truth

Many people have encountered this scene. When washing clothes, when they threw clothes, socks and underwear into the washing machine, they would always be said by mother or girlfriend, “How do you put socks and underwear together, socks How dirty! “

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The impression of socks is stinky, a little dirty, and there are many bacteria. You must not “entangle” with personal clothes. So who is more dirty in panties and socks? Washing socks in the washing machine, will the bacteria spread? Xiao Jiu takes you to reveal the secret, this is a slight popular science with a slight flavor.

First, wash underwear and socks, what will happen? Which is the “dirty king”?

First of all, Xiao Jiu wants to ask: Is the underwear really clean?

The types of bacteria breeding on the underwear may include E. coli, Gram -negative bacteria, and mycoplasma, and may be contaminated with diaphragm, feces, and other secretions on the underwear.

Some microbiologists conducted a wide range of underwear investigations and found that a piece of dirty underwear contained an average of 0.1 grams of feces.

0.1 grams of feces, isn’t it digestive waste? You think too simple. It has been reported that “one gram of feces contains 10 million viruses, 1 million bacteria, 1,000 parasitic cysts, and 100 insect eggs.”


And why does the stinky socks stink?

Speaking of socks, we can always think of the taste. The reason why the socks taste “rich” have a lot to do with the sweat on the soles of the feet. Sweating at the bottom of the feet, sweat under the wrap of shoes and socks, the bacteria of the feet quickly reproduce and grow. When sweat is decomposed by bacteria, the brightened acid can produce volatile fatty acids represented by isoprene. one.

In fact, there is almost no essential difference between this taste and other parts of the body. The bacteria will also be on the surface of the other parts of the body. Therefore, although the socks are “flavored”, it does not mean “dirty”.

Unless it is a fungal infectious disease such as severe athletes and onychomycosis, then washing underwear and socks at this time, the pathogenic bacteria may run on underwear and cause ringworm or body ringworm.

In addition, women may be more worried that underwear and socks are washed together. Will the athletes on the socks cause female vaginitis?

In fact, the pathogenic bacteria of the two are different. Athletes, professional terms are ringworm, causing the pathogenic fungi of the athletes include linage bacteria, mobilizes, and small spores.

Vaginitis, also known as vaginal inflammation, is mainly caused by bacteria, Candida, and trichomoniac infections, which can cause vulvar vaginal symptoms such as itching, burning and abnormal flow fluid.

From the perspective of pathogenic bacteria, the two bacteria are different at all, and the athletes will not cause vaginitis. Girls don’t have to worry too much.

Can socks and underwear be washed together? The answer is not absolute. The socks and panties have their own dirty, but it is not impossible to really want to be “lazy”.

2. Will the washing machine wash the socks?

The existence of the washing machine has indeed greatly improved the sterilization ability of hand washing. Most bacteria on the socks can be removed by washing machines and clothing.

Generally speaking, the life activity of bacteria depends on enzymes, and the main component of enzymes is protein. When the protein encounters most of the alkaline detergent, the protein mutated, which causes a certain destructive ability to the bacteria. Therefore, if there is only ordinary bacteria or sweat on the socks, you can use the washing machine to wash with other clothes without spreading bacteria.

However, if the fungus or other specific diseases in the foot patients are not recommended, it is best to wash it alone or buy a separate small special washing machine.

Another case is that when the inner tube of the washing machine has not been cleaned for a long time, the residual fluff, dandruff, dirt are deposited in the mezzanine of the inner bucket, the complicated gully at the bottom of the sleeve, and breed a large number of bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms. There is a risk of secondary pollution.

3. If you want to wash the underwear and socks together, do a few points?

I really want to be “lazy”, and if you want to wash the underwear and socks, you must pay attention to the following points:

1. Full sterilization

Many washing machines have temperature control and drying functions. Once most of the body surface microorganisms are more than 36 ° C, it will die. Washing with hot water and drying the washing machine will not only increase the temperature, but also ensure that the environment is dry and can effectively inhibit bacteria.

For people with athletes, the laundry process can be added with bleaching liquid or color drifting, and the active oxygen in it can also play an effective sterilization role.

2. Dry drying in time

After washing the clothes, it is timely to dry in time in the sun. Under the influence of ultraviolet rays, a large part of the bacteria can be killed. It is possible to breed the pathogenic bacteria in the rainy and haze days and warm and humid environment. At this time, some tools may need to use some tools to dry the clothes. Such as: dryer, hair dryer, drying all -in -one, etc. Among them, the cleaning of the drying machine is the highest, followed by a split machine and dryer.


3. Symptomatic treatment

If you or your family have athlete or other infectious diseases, it is best to find a doctor for treatment first.

For athletes, antifungal drugs can be used, such as Terbinfin cream and ketonazole milk cream. In severe cases, it is necessary to cooperate with oral medication. After the condition is controlled, consider mixing the socks with the underwear. 4. Regular cleaning the washing machine

Generally speaking, after half a year bought the washing machine, it should be disinfected every two or three months.

The non -metallic laundry washing machine contains 300 ~ 500 ppm aqueous solution for effective chlorine, and after 3 to 5 minutes, cleaning is turned on. The metal biliary washing machine is placed with a pentalhydrin aldehyde solution with a 0.5%to 1%content of 0.5%to 1%, soaked for 10-15 minutes. The drum washing machine can regularly run a high -temperature program of 90 degrees Celsius once a month, which can also play a certain degree of disinfection.

5. Change the clothes frequently

The underwear must be changed frequently, 1-2 times a day, don’t save for several days, “brew” the old flavor, and then clean together. If the underwear is not in place, it may induce diseases such as vulva and folliculitis.

Extension: Do you know about the secrets of underwear?

In addition to cleaning, there are also some common misunderstandings in life.

· Unused in the shape

Some underwear design is unique, attracting people’s desire to shop. But do you know? Men’s underwear shape may affect fertility.

A study published in “Human Reproduction” stated that the sperm concentration of men wearing flat -angle underwear men was 25%higher and total sperm count was 17%higher, which was more conducive to fertility. It can be seen that comfortable underwear has a positive impact on fertility.

For women, although the panties are sexy, the wrapping area is insufficient, increasing the opportunities to enter the body in the body. It is not recommended to choose too tight underwear. It should be given priority to comfort, and briefs or flat trousers should be better.

· Color selection is particular

The secretion is a “barometer” for women’s health. The color of the underwear is too dark or too gorgeous. It is easy to ignore the signal brought by the secretion. It is not easy to find the physical condition in time. So it is best to choose, white or light panties.

Indeed, cleaning the underwear every day is indeed a troublesome, but the “saving” is likely to create a unique breeding condition for bacteria and buried hidden dangers for your health.

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