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Water water is the “scourge” of high incidence of nephropathy in China?Reminder: Those who really hurt the kidneys are these 6 habits

Nine Uncle recently brushed friends circle

See such a notice:

The announcement area is very lively

Everyone, you say a word

Open the crusade of “tap water”:

“No wonder the tap water is boiled recently, all white floating objects, it must be harmful to health.”

“Yes, when my faucet is unscrewed, the water is still white for a minute, and a disinfection water smell, I dare not use it.”

“Well, the high incidence of kidney disease in my country must not be related to this tap water”

“This chlorine is chemical, maybe it will cause cancer.”

… …

Tap water is the main source of daily water

But many people have doubts about the practice of adding chlorine


Good tap water, why add chlorine?

Actually do this

It is also for the health of the public

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Water Water wants to arrive at the resident’s house from the source

It takes a long time in the middle

And more than ten kilometers of pipeline

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In this process

The water source may be polluted

If no treatment

The end water may contain impurities, harmful microorganisms, etc.

Affects water safety

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In view of this situation

The current common solution in the world is to add chlorine

Chlorine immersion into the water

Will be transformed into secondary chloride

It plays a role in killing bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms

But the microorganisms, organic matter in the water

It will only consume a part of chlorine

The remaining chlorine is called “residual chlorine”

Remnant is not just normal


Drinking water must ensure a certain amount of residual chlorine amount

Has the role of continuous disinfection

Can help inhibit bacteria in water pipes

Don’t worry too much about this problem

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In the “Sanitary Standards for Drinking Water” implemented by our country

Determine the water plant for tap water factory:

Factory water contains minimum chlorine volume of 0.3 mg/L

The minimum chlorine amount of end water is 0.05 mg/L

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Regulatory authorities will also regularly sampling monitoring

The safety of drinking water for residents


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The toxicity of chlorine is closely related to the human body

The World Health Organization proposed

The remaining toxic level in the water is 15mg/kg per day

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That is

Even if you consume dozens of liters of tap water a day

The amount of chlorine poisoning is not reached


Due to the different distance between the user’s distance water plant

There are also differences in the content of residual chlorine in the pipe network

Some people’s chlorine flavor of tap water

It may be more heavy

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Just heat the tap water (boiling for 1-2 minutes)

You can easily remove chlorine

No need to stand for a while before drinking

Medical survey data shows

Number of patients with chronic kidney disease

The world’s first place

The total number is close to 120 million

Adult chronic nephrotic disease rate of 10.8%

Reline on the incidence of nephropathy

It also accelerates the development of uremia

The situation is not optimistic

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Chronic kidney disease

With obesity, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes,

High uric acid, random drugs, smoking and other complex factors

Closely related

But there are also many people pointing their finger at the water quality

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After the tap water in some regions is boiled

There will be some white fluttering

Or set the scale in the kettle

It means that the water quality is not good

If you drink for a long time

It will cause kidney stones


Guangzhou Disease Prevention and Control Center

Related testing of tap water and mineral water

Final discovery

Both of the two will form a white fluff or scale

These substances are mixtures such as calcium carbonate, magnesium hydroxide and other mixtures

Some regions of geology and water quality are special

There may be other minerals such as manganese and silicon

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There is no evidence proof in medicine

Dirty is related to kidney stones

on the contrary

A survey of a European illness shows

British and soft Netherlands with hard water quality

There is no significant difference in the incidence of the urinary system,

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Want to find the “murderer” who hurt the kidneys

Still start from elsewhere

The kidney is an important sewage system for the human body

Protective kidney health cannot be ignored

But sometimes some inadvertent behaviors

But it will cause damage to the kidneys

The following six habits

How many do you take?

Long -term urination

Urine for a long time

It may cause bacterial infection

Causes urinary tract and kidney inflammation

Kidney is a balance point for maintenance of human electrolytes

95%of the salt intake of human body depends on it

Long -term high -salt diet will increase the burden on the kidneys

Light causes electrolyte disorders

In severe cases, it may cause kidney damage

The main organs of human metabolic drugs

Is the kidney

on the one hand

Long -term medication will cause pressure on the kidneys

Cause damage

on the other hand

Part of nephrotoxic drugs

You must use it yourself

for example:

Masas, chemotherapy drugs, and some painkillers

If you use it

May cause serious consequences

Long -term rest, stay up late

It may cause human liver and kidney dysfunction

It is more likely to develop nephritis

Clinical data also shows

Long -term labor has led to 70%of nephritis disease

Insufficient hydration.

It will lead to a reduction in urination

Toxins and waste accumulation in the body is too long

It may cause kidney stones,

Kidney disease and other kidney diseases

Hypertension, hyperlipidemia, high uric acid,

Chronic diseases such as diabetes

Can cause kidney damage

If the patient takes it lightly

No long -term insistence on monitoring indicators

It may cause reduced renal function and kidney damage

How to protect kidney health?

Uncle Jiu is here to give you a trick

High incidence of kidney disease

It is indeed a question worthy of vigilance

But people should believe in medicine

Solve in the right way

Not around the rumor

<br style="margin:0px ;padding:0px ;OUTLINE:0px; Max-width:100% ;box-sizing:Border-box ;overflow-wray-word !important crosday;It has a history of more than 100 years

“Chlorine disinfection” is still the most mainstream disinfection method at present

Residual chlorine level in Chinese tap water

It is also in line with the national drinking water sanitary standards

You don’t need to worry too much

You can rest assured to boil

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