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Weak insomnia, dreaming, heartbeat what to eat, what conditioning to eat

I do n’t know when it started, I always feel tired, but it ’s hard to fall asleep again and again. After falling asleep, I dream of waking up. After waking up, it is difficult to fall asleep. It feels like I wake up.Without special exercise, the heartbeat is also fluttering all day.Only when I arrived at the hospital, I knew that this was a disaster that was caused by arrhythmia. In this article, we will talk about it in detail.

Weak insomnia, dreaming, heartbeat what to eat, what conditioning to eat

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Arrhythmia is not the patent of the elderly, but the elderly are more prone to arrhythmia than young people.Under the pressure of work and study, young and middle -aged people can also cause arrhythmia under the influence of factors such as work and study, emotional stimulus, frightening, drinking and strong coffee.Menopausal women, young people with stressful work or life are high -incidence people with arrhythmia.

What are the symptoms of arrhythmia

There are obvious individual differences in clinical symptoms of arrhythmia, which is closely related to the patient’s cardiac state, arrhythmia type, frequency of seizures, seizures, duration, and individual sensitivity.EssenceSome arrhythmias do not produce any symptoms. They only discovered during electrocardiography, but most patients have different degrees of symptoms.Passing is the most common symptom of arrhythmia. It is caused by fast heartbeat or strong myocardial contraction.Dizziness, weakness, insomnia and dreams, in severe cases, syncope, black, and even sudden death can occur.

Weak insomnia, dreaming, heartbeat what to eat, what conditioning to eat

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Long -term fatigue and insomnia, dreaming, and heartbeats, you can use medicine under the guidance of a doctor to adjust your heart rate.Sinoparchin Ginseng Yangxin Capsule and Rebuilding the role of qi and yin, promoting blood circulation, and clearing the heart and soothe the nerves have the unique advantages of “integrating the tuning”.The fast and slow treatment, and was selected as the “Guidelines for the Reasonable Medication of the National Health and Health Commission”, which is safe and effective for long -term medication.

According to a large number of clinical studies, this medicine can not only regulate sodium, calcium, and potassium cardiac ion channels that cause fast arrhythmias, regulate heart autonomic nerve functions, effectively treat ventricular premature beats, reduce ventricular premature beat frequency, and make early and rooms and rooms.Fast arrhythmias such as upper speed and atrial fibrillation have good effects; and the medicine can also regulate racket current related to chronic arrhythmia, improve cardiac conduction, thereby effectively treating sinus slowdown, conduction block, disease sinus, etc., Filling the gap of the treatment of chronic arrhythmia drugs; in addition, the drug group is unique, has the effects of nourishing qi and nourishing yin, promoting blood circulation, clearing the heart, and calming the heart.Blood supply of myocardium, thereby eliminating various symptoms of arrhythmia, such as panic, shortness of breath, fatigue, insomnia, etc.It can be said that Ginsen Yanglin Capsules can comprehensively improve the four major pathogenesis of arrhythmia, and can block the occurrence of arrhythmia in multiple ways, multiple links, and multiple targets.

Now everyone should understand the topic of “weak insomnia, dreaming, dreaming, and to speed up.Daily conditioning arrhythmia. In addition to taking medicine under the guidance of a doctor, you must also relieve your troubles, eliminate ideological concerns, and avoid emotional excitement; do not smoke before going to bed, do not drink strong tea coffee, strengthen exercise, develop good sleep habits, do to do itBy the festival, the work and rest are orderly, and the combination of work and rest.

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