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Wear the knee for the overwhelming knee

For many elderly people, when standing, the knee that had already aging should be put on greater pressure. Studies have shown that just walking on the flat ground, the knee bears the pressure of 3-5 times higher than you. For old people who overweight and obese, their knees will be overwhelmed.

Wearing knee protection is a simple and effective measure for the elderly to protect the knee joints, especially the weight index is higher than 24 (ie, weight (kg), and the elderly with a square (rice 2) with height (meters 2) should be worn. For example, an old man with a height of 1.55 meters and a weighing 65 kg has a weight index of 27, which is obviously overweight. Such an old man should wear a knee guard.

The knee joint is the place where the upper and lower leg bones are intertwined, with a half -moon board in the middle, and there is a bone in front. The bones are stretched by two bone and flesh, and it is very easy to slide before the legs of the legs are suspended.

In normal life, because it is not affected by external forces and does not have severe exercise, the old man’s bones can still move normally in the knee. However, the elderly’s bone bone is aging quickly. Once improperly suffers, the knee pads are the “powerful weapons” that protect the elderly’s bones from the original part. If the knee joint has been injured or a disease occurs, the knee pad can also reduce the bending of the knee, help to maintain the thighs and calves on a straight line, thereby protecting the knee joint no longer aggravate the condition.

In addition to protecting the knee joint, the knee pads also have a very good warmth effect. For elderly people with increasing physical fitness, they can not only prevent cold, but also prevent old cold legs worsening. In addition, strengthening exercise and enhancing muscle are also an important way to maintain knee stability. Especially the actions such as rowing and riding bicycles are very beneficial to protect the knee. In addition, when using knee pads, it is the best stability in the pants.

(Intern editor: Zhu Dongman)

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