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Wearing too much clothes may cover up!The baby is warm in winter, it’s time to do this

Guidance: Chief Physician Li Zengqing of the Pediatric Department of Guangdong Maternal and Child Health Hospital

When the weather is cold, many parents are worried that the baby is cold, so not only the doors and windows are closed, but they also wrap them tightly and three layers inside, and even cover their heads with quilts, thinking that they can keep warm. This The baby will not get cold. In fact, if you wear too many clothes, cover it with sweating, the cold wind blows is also easy to cool, and it is too warm, it is very likely that the baby will suffer from “covering the heat syndrome”, and even cause irreparable tragedy. Essence

“Covering the heat syndrome” cannot be ignored

When covering the heat syndrome, when I hear this name, maybe many parents are not so familiar, but in the cold weather, there are many babies covering problems due to excessive warmth, especially among babies who are younger in the moon. It is more common.

Because the baby’s breathing and body temperature regulation center is not yet sound, the adaptability to the outside world is still poor. When covering the heat for too long or excessive warmth, the body can be in a state of high fever because it does not get good heat dissipation. The body temperature in the state can even be as high as 40 degrees Celsius. Due to the high temperature, the children appear sweaty and the complexion has become red from the beginning to pale. Dehydration signs such as the front of the front and the depression of the orbital, the deterioration of the skin’s elasticity, and the seriousness can even affect the central nervous system and cause frequent vomiting, screaming, repeated convulsions, coma, etc., and even died due to respiratory failure.

If you want to “cover”, you should judge like this

So, how should we just cover it when it is cold? Generally speaking, in terms of dressing, in addition to those with particularly weak constitution, such as children with basic diseases such as newborns, malnutrition, or congenital heart disease, the thickness and number of pieces of clothes wearing clothes are usually the same as adults. of.

Babies are not warm enough, and many parents like to judge by touching their little hands. In fact, due to the poor peripheral cycle, the cold hands and feet do not necessarily mean that they do not wear enough. When judging whether the baby is suitable for the baby, the best thing is to touch the back of their neck. It shows that the clothes they wear at this time are suitable. If the back of the neck is too cold or humid, they need to increase or decrease their clothes appropriately.

“Cover” too much, the emergency measures cannot be less

Once you find that the baby is too high or sweaty, sweaty, flushed, and even appears, even when he is too high, sweaty, his face flushed, and even appears in breath, breathing difficulties, convulsions, screaming, coma, etc. It should help them remove the factors of covering heat immediately, and transfer the baby to the place where air circulation as soon as possible, so that they can breathe fresh air as soon as possible. For babies with increased body temperature, cooling and deduction are the most basic measures. Parents should immediately immediately and reduce heat. Parents should immediately immediately and reduce heat. Parents should immediately immediately heat up Give physical cooling methods such as ice -applying and warm water to help them reduce their body temperature. In severe cases, they should be sent to the hospital immediately to avoid causing tragedies due to the inadequate rescue.

Correspondent: Peng Wenbin

Guangdong Maternal and Child Health Hospital

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