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Weight loss can also cure tineae!4 Skin disease and diet recommendation

Drinking more milk can improve acne? Can I control the disease in patients with tinea? Patients often ask the physician to ask the physician, “What can you eat? What can’t you eat?”, And even constantly asked the information correctness circulating between the Internet and relatives and friends. In this regard, dermatologists have sorted out the scientific basis of dietary advice, as well as the possibilities of discussing space for the four common skin diseases, so as not to step on diet mines by mistake.

For patients with skin diseases, the “effective” diet control needs to achieve the purpose of assisting disease control and considering nutritional balance. The cause and function of the formation of each skin disease can be different, and the diet should be different. The following is Xiao Zilin, director of the dermatology department of the Zhongxiao Hospital of Taipei Municipal United Hospital, provides dietary intake suggestions and descriptions of myths that may exist for acne, chronic urticaria, psoriasis, and atopic dermatitis.

I. Acne / low GI food priority: Low sugar -raising index (referred to as GI) diet can help improve the symptoms of acne. Common foods such as fiber -rich whole grain foods and vegetables. Conversely, high sugar -raising indexes, such as refined starch foods, rice, glutinous rice, white toast or white bread, will worsen acne. As for reducing the statement of dairy products that may improve acne, further research is yet to be confirmed.

Second, psoriasis / weight loss, drink less alcohol: patients with excessive weight -weight tineae can not only improve the symptoms of stem ringworm, improve the efficacy of some stem ringworm drugs, and help the more commonly combined metabolic syndrome. Improving the symptoms of psoriasis can also reduce the hepatic toxicity that may be caused by some psoriasis drugs.

Third, chronic urticaria / supplementary vitamin D: Preliminary evidence shows that supplementary vitamin D may improve chronic urticaria, but appropriate supplementary doses and timing need to be further studied and determined. Psequent allergens to exclude diet (PSEUDOALERGEN Free Diet) may help in small parts of chronic urticaria. Pseudo -allergens refer to preservatives, pigments or spices contained in natural or processing foods.

Fourth, atopic dermatitis / supplementary probiotics: prenatal pregnant women take probiotics, postpartum infants continue to take probiotics or probiotics, which can reduce the chance of children suffering from atopic dermatitis in the future. Different species, the clinical evidence provided is different, and you should be cautious when buying. Probigals are a kind of difficulty in food, which can stimulate the growth or activation of probiotics in the digestive system.

For high -risk group babies in atopic dermatitis, the nurturing or hydrolyzed formula milk of pure breast milk in the first 4 months has a protective effect. However, in general babies, the nurturing of pure breast milk is the effect of atopic dermatitis and “no” protection.

It should be noted that the mother avoids allergens during pregnancy and cannot reduce the chance of children suffering from heterogeneous dermatitis in the future. Instead, it may cause insufficient weight loss and danger of premature birth. Children’s chances of suffering from heterosexual dermatitis.

As for allergens, Elimination Diet (Elimination Diet) is only applicable to patients with ectopic dermatitis with food allergies to confirm food allergies. Patients must not try themselves to avoid malnutrition or slow growth.

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【Little Dingxun】

Dr. Xiao Zilin reminded that balanced nutrition is very important for health. People should not be overkill and cause nutritional disorders. In particular, when people have skin diseases, they should seek a professional physician for diagnosis and treatment. Simple dietary changes cannot replace treatment.

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