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Western fast food vs Chinese fast food, which is even fatter?

White -collar workers who work hard on the workplace usually have only an hour of eating and rest.Fast food and box lunch have become their main choices, and these foods often bring certain hidden health hazards. Excessive fat intake, insufficient vitamin, and insufficient dietary fiber intake are common phenomena. It seems difficult to avoid weight gain.

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Western fast food vs Chinese fast food, which is even fatter?

Western fast food: eat more calories in one meal than required for a day

One gram of oil can provide 9 kcal of calories, and the Western -style fast -food oil content with fried and fried meat is the highest. Therefore, fast food is the highest caloric food.

A large burger or sandwich contains 600 to 1,000 calories, and three fried chicken of one meal contains seven hundred calories of heat energy, such as a pack of fried potatoes, three hundred calories, in addition to the food staple food,It is not surprising that a can of cola one hundred cards and other non -staple foods. It is not surprising to eat 1,500 calories. It is almost more than the total amount of calories required for normal people a day.

In addition, at the high temperature of the hundred -time oil, frying and frying, it turned out to be a body nutrient fatty acid, which oxidized into a harmful toxic oil to the body.

Not only that, the nutrients on the surface of meat, vegetables and vegetables, and grains have also become a carcinogenic toxin, which will increase the opportunity to get colorectal or breast cancer when they are old.

I saw it, there are so many disadvantages of Western -style fast food. For the sake of slim weight, we cannot be greedy anyway.

Western fast food vs Chinese fast food, which is even fatter?

Chinese fast food ≠ health

Chinese fast food is not necessarily all good. In order to increase the taste and flavor of the dishes and attract customers, ordinary fast food restaurants will put more oil during cooking (do not rule out that some are still inferior oil).An ordinary pork ribs have a calories of about seven or eight thousand calories.A bowl of oily ribs can reach 1,000 cards.

The box lunch, rice balls, and sandwich are the most popular foods for lunch, but the taste has never been introduced, and there will be no season replacement, so it is a disadvantage.As far as nutritional value is concerned, it can only be said that it can fill the stomach. Compared with KFC, McDonald’s, etc., it is at least a decent meal.

How can lunch take care of nutrition and efficiency?

For friends who have not had a good figure, the nutritionist recommends to master a few principles: only eating dinner, only 8 minutes full, and only less oil and less sugar. If you want to eat snacks, you need to “taste”.Don’t be discouraged, diet and continuous and regular movements in low calories can help restore normal figures, and you must also be careful in the choice of food. The following principles are available for reference:

Western fast food vs Chinese fast food, which is even fatter?

3 principles of weight loss lunch

1. Select foods with less oil and sugar content:

For example, milk can be selected for skimming or low -fat milk; ingredients choose sugar -free drinks; eat less fried foods, cakes, etc.Choose more foods with many fiber content, such as brown rice and whole wheat foods, which can not only increase satiety, but also promote gastrointestinal motility and reduce the absorption of calories.

2. Foods with more water content:

Vegetables and fruits can also increase satiety, reduce food intake, and timely supplement a variety of vitamins.

3. Avoid heavy taste food:

Many seasonings are often added to the heavy taste foods. These seasonings are also calorie, and it will also induce your appetite, eat more unconsciously, and then grow unconsciously.

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