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Wetness is not eliminated!Six details are self -tested and moisture, how many of.

Ms. Chen has always experienced symptoms such as fatigue, sleeping, loss of appetite, weight loss, and heavy tongue coating, and there are more oil on her face. The disgusting “greasy man”.

At the beginning, she thought it was relatively busy recently. She often stayed up late, so she began to adjust the schedule, but after a period of time, the symptoms did not improve significantly, so she chose to see Chinese medicine and want to adjust her body.

After some diagnosis of traditional Chinese medicine, I found that Miss Chen was caused by these symptoms caused by heavy moisture in the body. If you want to improve these symptoms, you must first remove dampness. The reason for Miss Chen is because of her bad habits. Spicy food, greedy, staying up late for a long time.

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What are the things in common on people with heavy moisture?

Modern people generally have heavy moisture. We often use “ten people and nine wets” to describe moisture that is easy to attack the human body, but many people do not know whether they are heavy. In fact, people with heavy moisture have these common points:

Heavy and lazy

The body feels very tired, can’t sleep, and sleeps a lot, but after getting up in the morning, I still feel sleepy, too lazy to move, the whole body is not refreshing, easy to sleep, and dizzy. Wait, these are the whole body of moisture in the body.

Loss of appetite

People with heavy moisture will affect the transportation function of the spleen because of the wet evil, and it is prone to symptoms of loss of appetite, abdominal distension and chest tightness. After getting up in the morning, there is a manifestation of heavy breath and sticky mouth. Many, manifested as symptoms such as uncomfortable pharynx and sputum in the pharynx.

Tongue coating

The tongue can also reflect the moisture condition. If the edges of the tongue are jagged, and the tongue is fat, it is also a manifestation of heavy moisture; if the tongue coating is white, thick, and slippery Or rough, greasy hair and yellowing, is a manifestation of humidity and heat in the body.

Face is easy to get oily

The humid -heavy people are prone to too much oil on their faces, especially the oil around the nose and the forehead is more obvious. The face and hair love oil. The dark circles are severe, the eyes are drooping, the face is dark and yellow.

Virtual and fat

If the work and rest and diet are the same as usual, but the weight increases a lot. In fact, it is fat and a manifestation of heavy moisture.

Sticky stool is sticky and not shaped

People with heavy moisture are not shaped, soft, sticky, and always feel unclean. Stool is easy to stick to the toilet, and it is difficult to be washed away.

Effective moisture, all diseases

Wetness can be divided into two categories, wetness and inner wet, most of the wetness is caused by wet evil; mostly inner wetness is caused by the weak spleen and stomach of the human body, and the damp excretion function of water is reduced. So, how does moisture produce?

Poor living habits can easily lead to heavy moisture. For example, if you eat too much meat, the body cannot be fully digested. These foods will accumulate in the body and cannot be transformed and discharged in time. Function, so it will form moisture.

In addition, too little exercise can also cause excess waste in the body to be unable to discharge, help the spleen and stomach sharing, and increase the symptoms of moisture; in a humid environment for a long time, it is also an important reason for the formation of humidity;

The decline in metabolic levels can also lead to the formation of moisture. As the age continues, the digestion level and endocrine level decline, resulting in a decline in water and humidity metabolites to produce moisture.

In our lives, moisture is everywhere, it is very easy to invade the human body, leading to the occurrence of a variety of diseases, and it is difficult to remove, which is very unfavorable to health.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, moisture is the source of a variety of diseases. The severe moisture is likely to bring a variety of diseases. Heart disease, hypertension, fatty liver, diabetes, arthritis, obesity, stroke, gout, cancer and other diseases and other diseases Wetness is related to.


If you want to eliminate the humidity in the body, you may wish to eat more of these 4 kinds of food

It is said that Qianhan is easy to remove. It is difficult to get rid of wetness. People with heavy moisture can usually eat foods with dampness and removal effects. So what are the common damp foods?


Chenpi is warm and has the effects of drying dampness and phlegm, spleen and qi. If there is no heat syndrome, you can cut Chenpi into filaments and use it to soak in water. However, because Chenpi is prone to gas and yin, it is not suitable for people with yin deficiency, qi deficiency, and virtual fire.


It has the effect of removing dampness and nourishing the spleen, solidifying the kidney, and nourishing the kidneys. It can put some coriander reality when cooking soup, which can achieve the effect of removing dampness.

However, although I am good, it is not advisable to eat too much, otherwise it is not conducive to the spleen and stomach, and it is difficult to digest. Therefore, people who have poor digestion should eat less. In addition, the solid convergence effect of Grasson is better. People with constipation should not eat.

Red bean

Chixiaodou is flat, also known as red beans, which has the effects of strengthening the spleen and dampness, swelling, water, and blood. Due to the weak dampness effect of red beans alone, it can be matched with some medicinal materials that warm the spleen. Wait. However, people who are weak and are taking Chinese medicine are not suitable for eating red beans.


Kapok is slightly cold, has the effects of clearing heat and dampness and detoxifying, and the deodorization effect of kapok is relatively mild. It can be used to cook porridge, soup and cooking. However, it is best not to pick up the kapok on the side of the road, because these kapok are polluted by tail gas all year round, which is not good for health. It is best to buy dried kapok in a pharmacy. Kobya is not suitable for people with qi deficiency and spleen deficiency.

Want to better get rid of dampness. In addition to diet, moderate exercise is also a good way to remove dampness. It will sweat during the movement, help the body in the body excrete, and exercise can also help digestion, prevent internal wetness production, , But be careful not to exercise in weather with high air humidity.

In addition, we must pay attention to the cold and moisture and prevent the living environment in the usual life. If the weather is humid, pay attention to dehumidification, and eat less cold drinks. After rain or sweating, change clothes in time to keep warm.

Do not rush to achieve dampness. These 4 misunderstandings need to be avoided

When some people find that when they are heavy, they want to achieve the effect of rapid dampness and dampness. This mentality of eagerness to achieve can easily enter the misunderstanding of dampness.

Misunderstanding 1: There is no type and physique of dampness

To get rid of dampness, we must first distinguish the different nature of moisture, and the commonly used method of removing dampness. For example, the dampness, cold and dampness, rheumatism, and summer dampness are different. It is best to find a Chinese medicine doctor to identify the type of moisture and physical fitness before choosing the method of removing dampness.

Misunderstanding 2: Use the wrong ingredients

For example, the red beans and red beans cannot be distinguished. Some people like to use red beans barley to boil water to remove dampness, but what really has the effect of removing dampness is red beans, not red beans. Essence

Misunderstandings 3: Switzing and cold constitution directly use raw barley rice

Symphony is cool. For people with cold spleen and stomach, if raw barley is used, it is easy to damage the spleen and stomach, and the spleen is the key to transporting water and humidity. Once the spleen and stomach are hurt, the moisture cannot be discharged, and it will not be able to play it. The effect of dampness. At this time, the raw barley can be frying the raw bar to golden yellow to avoid damage to the spleen and stomach.

Misunderstanding 4: Remove dampness and ignore the spleen

The spleen needs to be responsible for transporting water and dampness. If you only want to remove dampness and ignore the spleen, you often do not achieve the purpose of dampness. The key to removing dampness also requires spleen. Essence

In short, moisture is everywhere. If you want to dispel dampness, you must first distinguish the type and physique of humidity, and it is effective to remove dampness.

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