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What 7 kinds of food do women eat every day for women’s health are the most raised women

Compared with men, women pay more attention to health, not only pay attention to external beauty, but also pay attention to internal supplements. What is the most healthy for a woman? It is not these seven kinds of food.

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What do women eat for health? 1. Red dates

Red dates can improve human immunity and inhibit cancer cells. It can promote the production of white blood cells, reduce serum cholesterol, increase serum albumin, and protect the liver. Red dates also contain substances that inhibit cancer cells, and even transform cancer cells to normal cells.

What do women eat for health? 2, broccoli

Many anti -aging recipes can be seen in broccoli, which is a very useful anti -aging food for women. Because it contains antioxidants, which slows down the free radicals in women, thereby delay aging.

(What 7 kinds of food do women eat every day?

What do women eat for health? 3. Garlic

Detoxing intestines to prevent gastrointestinal diseases. Garlic can effectively inhibit and kill bacterial viruses such as gastrointestinal pylori that cause gastrointestinal diseases, remove toxic substances in the gastrointestinal, stimulate gastrointestinal mucosa, promote appetite, and accelerate digestion.

What do women eat for health? 4, soybeans

Soy beans are really cheap and good. For women, it contains isoflavone can also produce similar effects to estrogen hormones, reduce blood cholesterol, protect the heart, and prevent breast cancer osteoporosis.

What do women eat for health? 5. Carrot

The carrots contained in carrots, which are vitamin A, can promote the increase in hemoglobin, improve blood concentration and blood quality, and have a great effect on the treatment of anemia. Radish also contains a large amount of iron, which helps to replenish blood. Among them, the iron content of carrots is 40%higher than white radish, 75%higher than green radish.

What do women eat for health? 6. Cabbage

Constipation is also one of the reasons for women to enter sub -health. Studies have shown that most women are troubled by constipation. Therefore, they may wish to eat more cabbage. It is rich in vitamin C and crude fiber in cabbage. It can promote the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal and stomach, thereby helping you solve the problem of constipation. The constipation is eliminated, and the burden on the stomach and intestines is also easy, which makes the entire digestive system be young and vibrant.

What do women eat for health? 7. Fish

In hot summer, you must add enough protein, and the best is fish. Because the protein in fish is very easy to digest and the content of cholesterol contained in it is relatively low, you can avoid excessive cholesterol while ingesting high -quality protein and effectively prevent various cardiovascular diseases.

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