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What about children’s jaundice?There are two kinds of no need to panic, one needs to go to the hospital

Symptoms are a common symptom of newborns. Almost every novice father and mother will encounter. If jaundice can be retreated in a short time, a stone in the heart of the parent is also considered to the ground. So what should parents do if parents find children’s jaundice? The following will explain the common sense in this regard.

What should I do if parents find children’s jaundice?

1. Physiological jaundice

According to clinical data, 50%to 60%of the full -moon new babies and more than 80%of premature babies will appear after birth. At the peak of four or five days, it is mainly concentrated on the face. Although the baby’s face is very yellow, there is no difference in mental condition. It is not affected by eating and sleeping. It can be subsided naturally, but a small number of premature infants will last for 3 to 4 weeks.

Second, breast milk jaundice

Because some substances in breast milk will inhibit liver cells, so that bilirubin in the blood cannot be transformed and excreted smoothly. Generally, it becomes very obvious after the baby is born two weeks, and it will last about one month. The baby’s spirit is also very good. The urine is not yellow, and the weight increases normally. It can be recovered after stopping milk for a while. Breast milk jaundice does not have any effect on the baby’s intellectual development. Breastfeeding can be continued in the later period.

Third, pathological jaundice

Excluding the above two situations, if it is a pathological jaundice, you need to go to the hospital for treatment immediately. Pathological jaundice will appear within 24 hours after the baby is born, and the degree of jaundice is serious, the duration is longer, or the jaundice will be reproduced after temporarily disappearing.

What should I do if parents find children’s jaundice? From the introduction above, we know that physiological jaundice and breast milk jaundice do not have to worry about it. It can disappear after a few days, but if it is a pathological jaundice, you still need to take your child to the hospital for treatment. I hope parents pay attention.

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