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What about cough and phlegm is yellow and green

Cough and sputum may be caused by bacterial infections and tuberculosis in the lower respiratory tract.

Cough and sputum may be caused by bacterial infections in the lower respiratory tract. Among them, copper green fake monolithic infections are more common, but other reasons cannot be ruled out.In the clinic, the colors of the lower respiratory tract caused by copper green fake monolithium are very characteristic, and the phenomenon of cough yellow -green purulent sputum may occur.However, it is not possible to judge the pathogenic bacteria of the patient infected based on the characteristics of sputum. It also needs to do related examinations such as sputum culture to further diagnose.In addition, there are also some cases of cough and sputum yellow -green. For example, a few patients with tuberculosis may also have the above -mentioned sputum.Another example is patients with bronchial expansion, and there may be a phenomenon of cough and sputum, yellow -green sputum.Basic causes, viruses, bacteria, fungi, mycoplasma, Army bacteria, and diameter pathogens, can invade the patient’s lower respiratory tract through three channels.Microbial invasion of the oral and pharynx, inhaling the soluble oscillating containing bacteria and the infection of infection through blood transmission.Drug therapy, antipyretic analgesic drugs, headache and fever patients can use heat -relieving analgesic drugs as appropriate.Such as acetaminol, aspirin, ibuprofen, etc.For anti -infective drugs, patients should obey the doctor’s advice and choose appropriate drugs according to the results of the pathogen test, including Agellovy, craticin, chiminone, penicillin, etc.Expucideity, for patients with sputum, can take ammonium chloride and amproxol.

It is recommended to keep the indoor air circulation.When air pollution is severe, open the air purifier.Ensure sufficient sleep and promote physical rehabilitation.Encourage patients to take breath and cough deeply, promote sputum excretion, and enhance lung function.Pay attention to hygiene.Patients should wash their hands, mouthwash, bath and cleaning frequently.Some patients are contagious.Pay attention to isolation when you are sick.You can wear a mask with your family to prevent the disease from spreading.

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