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What about the ascites after ovarian cancer surgery

Peremiated ascites may not reach a large amount of protein consumption or surgery in surgery or not to reach a complete tumor cell destruction, etc. in surgery.

The ovary is a pair of flat oval glands of women.It is a sexual organs that produce and discharge eggs and secrete steroids.Ovarian cancer is a malignant tumor that occurs in the ovaries.Early symptoms are not obvious, and gastrointestinal symptoms such as abdominal distension, nausea, and vomiting may occur in the late stage.Should seek medical treatment as soon as possible to extend the survival cycle of patients.The ascites after ovarian cancer surgery are related to the following factors. A large amount of protein consumption during surgery leads to hypoproteinemia, which increases the third gap liquid.There will be residual tumor cells, and tumor cells will also produce ascites.In these aspects, many patients have ascites and ascites after ovarian cancer.Obveramotherapy is often mainly cisplatin or card platinum. This drug has a good therapeutic effect on controlling the ascites after ovarian surgery. At the same time, strict albumin supplements, plasma supplementary and nutritional support.By improving the protein and controlling tumors through chemotherapy drugs, the purpose of controlling ascites.

Patients should develop regular work and rest time, rest more to avoid fatigue.After the condition is stable, patients can perform appropriate physical exercise according to their physical tolerance.After chemotherapy, patients are weak and have obvious response. They need to be accompanied by their families appropriately to avoid accidents and other accidents.Radiotherapy patients may have local rashes.In daily life, wearing loose clothes should be worn to avoid rubbing here to avoid skin damage.Patients should eat more unsaturated fatty acids such as linoleum, deep -sea fish oil, and seaweed.Patients can eat soy products containing more plant estrogen, such as soybeans and tofu.Patients should eat more high -protein, high -calorie and digestible foods, and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables to accelerate wound healing.

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