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What are the benefits of hot water soaking your feet?4 benefits may

Soaking the feet hot water, even soaking in cancer?

Mrs. Hu is the famous “blessing” old lady in the village. She has been boasted since she was a child, because there is a mole on her left foot and the soles of her left foot. Mrs. Hu is convinced of this. Although I have not wealth and wealth in my life, I can also be considered a successful career.

After retiring, Mrs. Hu was leisurely. Under the introduction of her friends, she fell in love with her foot massage. She basically enjoy a foot bath every week and massage two or three times. However, last month, when Mrs. Hu was doing sufficient treatment, the familiar technician told her that the moles of her feet seemed to become larger, and the edges became a bit vague. At first glance, the old lady saw that the moles that had not been “growing” for decades changed.

Mrs. Hu was worried about what skin diseases were, and hurried to the hospital for treatment. After the doctor’s examination, she found that the color, form, and edges of the mole were irregular. They were highly suspected of melanoma. Tumor, and right -footed metastasis has occurred.

First, can hot water soak your feet really healthy?

What are the benefits of hot water soaking your feet?4 benefits may

Since ancient times, the people of my country have said that “hot water soak feet and eat supplements.” Traditional Chinese medicine theory also has a record of “all year round”: wash your feet in spring, open yang and solidarity; wash your feet in summer, heat can be removed in summer; wash your feet in autumn, lungs intestinal creeping; wash your feet in winter, and Dantian is wet.

According to Chen Richang, Deputy Director of Fengchao Health Service Center of Pingyang County, Zhejiang Province, Chinese medicine believes that the three yin and yang Jingjing meets the feet, and there are reflex areas (that is, acupoints) corresponding to the organs of the body on the feet. It is good for physical and mental health and prolonged life:

1. Reduce the burden on the heart and promote blood circulation

Both feet are far from the heart, and the blood pumped from the heart is affected by the gravity of the heart, and it is easy to stay in the feet. Especially in the cold season, blood vessels shrink, which will further cause poor blood flow. With hot water soaking your feet, under the action of hot water, the temperature of the foot, the expansion of subcutaneous blood vessels, and the improvement of blood circulation in the foot will also promote blood flow of the whole body.

2. Relieve cold hands and feet, meridian paralysis

In the autumn and winter, some middle -aged and elderly people with weak constitution, especially women, are prone to cold hands and feet. Chinese medicine believes that this is caused by yang deficiency that cannot warm and blood, which causes meridians to fail. Soaking your feet with hot water, massage your feet, and instep, you can keep your hands and feet skin heating and driving cold, expand the subcutaneous blood vessels, and help improve blood circulation.

What are the benefits of hot water soaking your feet?4 benefits may

3. Promote sleep

Good sleep can restore people’s energy and physical strength. Use soaking feet before going to bed can help relax the whole body. Warm stimulation can also inhibit the sympathetic nerves and excite the adhesion nerves. The human body will enter a quiet rest state. Helps immersion sleep.

4. Relieve mental stress

Life is tight, mental stress, etc. can cause inner fatigue, which can be manifested as not concentration, unwilling to speak to people, unable to lift the spirit, forgetfulness, etc. So soaking your feet through hot water can eliminate the fatigue substances accumulated in the body and make the body feel refreshing.

2. Although soaking your feet is good, some people are not suitable

What are the benefits of hot water soaking your feet?4 benefits may

Although soaking feet is good for physical and mental, for some people, often soaking feet can irritate the feet, but it will have adverse effects on the body.

1. People with moles at the bottom of the feet

The mole of the soles of the feet itself is harmless, but if it is affected by the environmental factors of the day after tomorrow, such as frequent friction, squeezing, soaking the feet with hot water, stimulating the skin, or the infection of the bacteria in other parts of the other parts Stimulation, cancerous changes.

2. Patients with diabetic foot

The skin of patients with diabetic foot is more fragile, but due to the influence of the feet peripheral nerves, it is very sensitive to the temperature. When soaking the feet, it is impossible to perceive the normal water temperature and it is easy to burn the skin.

3. Patients with athletes

People with trauma, inflammation, and infection in their feet are easy to make local inflammation increase due to their feet, which will aggravate the infection.

4. Patients with hypotension

What are the benefits of hot water soaking your feet?4 benefits may

People with hypotension, frequent and long -term soaking feet, can make the blood from returning to the heart in time, which may lead to excessive heart load, insufficient blood supply to the brain, and cause dizziness or syncope.

5. Patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases with severe condition

For patients with severe cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, temperature changes will aggravate the burden on the brain. For a long time, high temperature soaking feet can cause dizziness and chest tightness.

Third, the weather becomes cold, what should I pay attention to when soaking my feet?

For other people, although comfortable feet are comfortable, they should also pay attention to time, temperature, etc., otherwise they will also stimulate the skin, but will become more soaked.

1. Choose the right time

It is best to choose to do it before going to bed. Do not soak your feet within half an hour after meals. Otherwise, the blood concentrates to the feet, which will reduce the blood supply in the stomach and affect digestion.

What are the benefits of hot water soaking your feet?4 benefits may

2. Control the duration of foot soaking

It is best to control the foot of the foot within 20 minutes. The time is too long, which may cause the blood circulation to become faster, the blood supply to other parts of the body, and it is prone to dizziness.

3. Control temperature

The water temperature of the foot should not be too high. It is best to control it at about 37 ° C. The temperature is too high, it is easy to burn the skin and cause damage to the skin.

4. Don’t dry your feet naturally after soaking

Do not dry it naturally after soaking your feet. At this time, the pores are full. It is easy to get cold and get into the body when drying it. It should be dried with a soft towel immediately.

It seems simple to soak your feet, and it is also a way for many people to relax, but it also contains a lot of knowledge. Do you know these taboos and precautions?Reference materials:

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What are the benefits of hot water soaking your feet?4 benefits may

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