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What are the best menstrual recipes during menstruation?

The monthly menstrual tide is not easy for female friends, especially their bodies will become very weak due to blood loss. Therefore, they need to take more rest at this time and actively do dietary conditioning. Keep your body in the best state. What is better to eat during menstruation? What are the menstrual recipes? Let’s take a closer look!

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1. Jujube egg soup


Prepare the two materials of red dates and eggs. First, put the pot in water, add red dates into thick juice, and finally drink the eggs.

This red dates egg soup, red dates have the effect of nourishing blood and qi, especially suitable for women with excessive blood loss during menstruation. Eggs are rich in protein, which can have a rapid effect. Therefore, the combination of the two, rich nutrition, can play a role in replenishing qi and blood, beauty and beauty.

2. Motherwort lotus root porridge


What is better to eat during menstruation? It is well known that female friends will have symptoms such as low body immunity, low mood, and fatigue burnout during menstruation. And due to the congestion of the pelvic cavity, it can also cause symptoms of soreness and discomfort in the lower abdomen. At this time, a reasonable deployment of some diet can help relieve anxiety and supplement qi and blood. At this time, you can use motherwort and lotus root to boil porridge, which can supplement nutrition, and can also adjust the problem of qi and blood deficiency.

3. Hawthorn cinnamon brown sugar soup


Speaking of what is better to eat during menstruation, this hawthorn cinnamon brown sugar soup is also very recommended. First prepare three materials: hawthorn, cinnamon, and brown sugar. First, put the hawthorn meat and cinnamon branches into the clay pot, add an appropriate amount of water to the thick, and then add brown sugar to the seasoning.

This hawthorn cinnamon brown sugar soup has the effect of warming meridians, removal of stasis and pain, which is very suitable for drinking during menstruation, supplementing nutrition and beauty and beauty.

There are a lot of recipes suitable for menstruation. Female friends can choose reasonably according to their physical conditions. Perseverance will always have a good effect.

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