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What are the causes of back pain

Causes of back pain include kidney disease, lumbar muscle strain, lumbar discus degeneration, gynecological diseases, etc.

1. Nephrine disease: Lotial pain caused by kidney disease is generally painful or blunt pain. It is mainly due to the traction of the renal envelope or pyelone, or the lesions invade the local nerves when the kidney disease occurs.Back pain caused by kidney disease is a common symptom, mainly manifested as one or sides on one or sides on one or sides of the lumbar spine. Occasionally, mormonal severe pain or radiation pain occurs.2. Lumbar muscle strain: Lumbar muscle strain is the main cause of low back pain. It is mainly due to trauma or excessive physical work, leading to lumbar muscle strain, which leads to low back pain.Lumbar pain caused by lumbar muscle strain mainly manifested in the lower back pain and tight lumbar muscles.If it is due to long -term bad standing or sitting positions, or cold stimulation, it will cause local muscle strain.3. Lumbar disc degeneration lesions: The lumbar disconnectional low back pain caused by the degeneration caused by lumbar disc. With the increase of age, the loss of water in the seductive disc fiber ring causes the spinal gap stenosis.You need to do the lumbar spine X -ray and lumbar spine MRI examination.4. Gynecological diseases: Lumbar pain occurs during menstruation, mainly due to lower waist, generally dull pain, generally does not cause back pain.If it is pain in the waist, it may be caused by diseases such as pelvic inflammatory disease, fallopianitis, and endometriosis.

Patients with low back pain should do a good job of keeping warm, especially the cold and humid season in winter.Try not to go out in rainy days, and do not stay in a humid environment for too long to avoid back pain.To exercise regularly, the waist can stretch the muscles of the waist and promote local muscle circulation.Patients sitting or standing for a long time need to be appropriately moved to the waist, which can reduce the pressure of the lumbar muscles and reduce pain.

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