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What are the causes of blocked tubes?

Volticism is a place where sperm maturity and ability to obtain activity. Once the spermoscourse is obstructed, it often causes embarrassment for men. Symptoms of transparent pipes are characterized by the small number of sperm or sperm in semen, the testicular shape is normal or slightly reduced, the texture is basically normal, and an epididyry or vasal tubular cardiopathic abnormalities are abnormal.

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The common reasons for the obstruction of the vount tube are the following four points:

1. Damage: For example, the iconic veins and hernia repair and sperm tumor surgery can be hurt to the vollar tube. There are also epididymia, semen cysts, or testicular hydrocele surgery, which can also hurt the epididymis.

There is also the surgery of the prostate, which can also cause an occlusion of the ejaculation pipe mouth. Or although there is no direct damage, the formation of adhesion scars after surgery, etc., can cause pressure and obstruction of the vasal tube.

2. Infection of the urogenital system: If prostatitis, epididymitis, seminal vesiculitis or subcontamin vasters tuberculosis are suffered from the tuberculosis, etc., it will cause obstruction of the vasal tube, and it is more common in the connection of the epididymis and the vasters.

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3. Tumor: such as epididymal tumors and seminal vesicles, and prostate tumors, etc., can also cause blocking phenomenon of vasters.

4. Congenital deformity: such as the lack of epididymal head and body and the tail section, a section of the vasters or a complete lack of such as the vasters, and the dharma of the epididymis, or the dharma or seminal sac happened.

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