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What are the causes of children’s obesity?

As the problem of food and clothing goes away from us, obesity has begun to become a new social problem, especially children. Due to excess nutrition, lack of exercise, etc., the proportion of obesity patients has increased. Some studies have pointed out that in my country, 70 % to 80 % of obese children will continue to become adults. So, what causes cause children to obese?

1. Excess nutrition

Excess nutrition is one of the important causes of children’s obesity. Excessive nutrition makes the intake of intake far exceeding the consumption and excessive fat accumulation. These fats are stored in the body in the form of triglycerides. When the fat is constantly accumulated, obesity is naturally inevitable. Improper feeding of babies is likely to cause excess nutrition. For example, every time when a baby is crying, the parents often feed the baby. When it is a habit, every time the baby encounters what frustration is, he will take the initiative to find something to eat. This is extremely extremely extremely. It is easy to cause infants to obese; or, prematurely feeding babies with high calorie foods, making the baby’s weight grow too fast, and slowly obesity is formed. It is also strange, that is, if the mother consumes too much nutrition in the later stages of pregnancy, it will also make the baby obese after birth.

Second, psychological factors

Psychological factors have a great influence in the development of obesity. Children may induce fear, loneliness, timid fear and other psychology due to their parents’ divorce, low emotional mood or abuse and doting. The interest of group activities is indifferent, and it may be entertaining and relieve dullness, which will lead to obesity. Therefore, pay more attention to children’s psychological emotions, don’t think it is a child, don’t worry about its psychological problems.

Third, lack of exercise

Many children don’t like exercise and feel that exercise is very hard, so there is basically no physical exercise, which makes the body’s fat consume very little, and the accumulation in the body continues to increase. Once obesity is formed, due to physical obesity and inconvenient action, it is even more unwilling to exercise. Therefore, the weight increases further, forming a vicious circle, which may cause some diseases, such as primary muscle disease And severe intellectual backwardness. If you suffer from these diseases, exercise is even less and the consumption of fat is the same.

Fourth, central regulation factor

Human body has a regulatory function of central energy balance. This balance can keep people’s weight stable. However, when the balance is disordered, it will cause excessive energy of the body. The continuous accumulation of physical energy will cause obesity.

Obesity is harmful to human health, especially children and children. They suffer from obesity at a young age. What should I do when they grow up? Therefore, parents should pay more attention to this problem.

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