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What are the causes of death?Be wary of these 10 reasons!

Everyone should have heard of dead essence, which is a common disease. Men’s death sperm requires multiple semen tests. Some patients may have chronic patients with chronic prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, etc. Some patients may have premature ejaculation or low sexual desire, and some patients have not obvious clinical symptoms.

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Dead spermatology can cause infertility and affect reproduction. It should be treated after finding the cause. So what causes dead essence?

1. Long -term abstinence

If men do not ejaculate in their usual sexual life and do not ejaculate for a long time, they will cause high sperm density, cause excessive sperm death, poor sperm exercise ability, etc., but this is also a normal physiological phenomenon.

2. Bar reproductive organs inflammation

In addition to chronic seminal vesicles inflammation can cause a large number of sperm deaths. When men have diseases such as orchitis, prostatitis, epididymitis and other diseases, they will also increase sperm death. Especially after chronic prostatitis, sperm secretion contain inflammatory substances, testoscope zinc content Decreased, this is also more likely to cause sperm death.

3. Sacrifice varicose veins

When a male has an venous vein, tissues such as testicles and epididymia will cause different degrees of blood circulation disorders, which can cause the testicular temperature to rise. Sperm can cause low temperature to cause low movement, and in severe cases, it can also cause static.

4. Congenital factors

Congenital development is abnormal, such as bilateral cryptor test, congenital testicular developmental disease.

5. Drug stimulation

In particular, the sedatives, sleeping pills, anti -cancer drugs, Malilan, hormone drugs in chemical drugs, and hormone drugs in the drug are caused by the growth of sperm. Therefore, men should try to avoid long -term and large number of harmful substances. In addition, radiation irradiation may also cause malformations of sperm chromosome, and it should definitely avoid abuse.

6, temperature environment

Sperm is particularly sensitive to temperature. High temperature is a cruel test of sperm. Therefore, if men like to wear tight -fitting underwear, jeans or habit of soaking hot baths, they often work in high temperature environments, which will cause dead sperm symptoms.

7. Smoking and drinking

According to scientists research, nicotine ingredients in cigarettes will harm sperm, causing a decrease in sperm content in male semen, and increasing the content of malformed sperm; in addition, alcohol will lead to weakening reproductive function, cause chromosomal abnormalities, and further trigger may cause Fetal malformations or dysplasia occur.

8. Status

In particular, the depression will have adverse effects on the endocrine of the human body. The production sperm function of men’s testicles will also be chaotic. The number of sperm may decrease sharply, or even serious, causing infertility.

9. Lack of nutrients

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The manufacturing and growth of sperm requires the human body to continuously supplement basic nutrition. If men have the habit of eating, they will cause uneven nutritional intake and make the sperm hungry. Of course, it will cause sperm weakness, failure, and even death. Sexual desire and sexual function can also cause obstacles.

10. Immune factors

Sperm, sperm pulp can produce antibodies against their sperm in the body and cause male infertility. The sperm that ejaculates has its own condensation and cannot penetrate the cervical mucus.

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