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What are the causes of primary hypertension

The cause of primary hypertension is currently unknown, which may be related to high -salt diet, obesity, excessive drinking, smoking, age growth, and genetic factors.Age growth and genetic are factor that human beings cannot control, while high -salt diet, obesity, excessive drinking and smoking and other bad lifestyles.

The principle of primary hypertension is to reduce blood pressure, and to comprehensively reduce the incidence and mortality of cardiovascular disease.Primary hypertension is caused by genetic factors and environmental factors. Genetic factors account for about 40 % of patients with hypertension, and environmental factors account for 60 % of patients with hypertension.If parents are patients with hypertension, the prevalence of children is higher than that of their parents.This has a certain relationship with patients who do not pay attention to dietary conditioning in daily life, and people who are too obese should pay attention to controlling some inductive factors.In terms of treatment, patients with hypertension should not be careful not to lower blood pressure at the beginning, and lower blood pressure. If it is too fast, it will cause insufficient blood supply to the heart, brain, kidney, and other blood supply.Commonly used drugs include Eunari, Katapley, Verapam, Dier Sulfur?, Niferpenpopy, Noro Di Ping, toasting, Temandan, Iberzham and so on.Pay attention to the adverse reactions of the drug during the treatment of drugs. If headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms occur, the medicine should be discontinued immediately, goes to the hospital for treatment, and gives conditioning under the guidance of the doctor.

Primary hypertension diet: Patients with hypertension should pay attention to eating habits, do not eat spicy and irritating foods, eat light diet, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, such as apples, strawberries, pears, etc.Also pay attention to ensuring sufficient sleep and keep your mood comfortable.At the same time, it should be noted that in the cold winter, we must strengthen warmth, do not cough, stool, etc. in daily life.

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