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What are the consequences of menstrual disorders

Menstruation disorders may cause consequences such as inflammation, anemia, and difficulty in conception.

1. Induction of inflammation: Menstrual disorders may cause abnormal excretion of residues in the uterine cavity, which may cause a large number of pathogenic microorganisms in the uterine cavity, thereby inducing inflammation, and may be accompanied by symptoms such as abnormal vaginal bleeding and abnormal leucorrhea.2. Anemia: Menstrual disorders may cause symptoms such as increased menstrual flow and extension of menstruation, and may cause a large amount of blood to flow out of the body.Therefore, menstrual disorders may be harmful to anemia, and patients may have symptoms of pale and fatigue.3. Difficulty in pregnancy: Menstrual disorders may affect ovulation to a certain extent and may further affect the normal combination of sperm and eggs. Therefore, menstrual disorders may adversely affect pregnancy.

Pay attention to the warmth of the abdomen in daily life to avoid eating cold and irritating foods during menstruation, so as not to cause symptoms of menstrual disorders.

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