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What are the early symptoms of cataracts?Pay attention to these abnormalities

White internal barriers in daily life are a more common ophthalmological disease, which is high in the elderly group. If the problem of cataract is not treated in a timely and effective treatment, it may continue to damage the patient’s vision, and the serious situation will even cause blindness. To diagnose and treat it in time, only early pay attention to early symptoms of cataract. What are the early symptoms of cataracts? Let’s take a closer look!

What are the early symptoms of cataracts?

(1) Sonicity abnormal

When it comes to the early symptoms of cataracts, what are the problems of the early symptoms of cataracts? In fact, in the early days, patients did not have obvious abnormalities. Generally speaking, in the early stage of cataracts, due to the swollen water absorption of the eyes of the eye, the epithelial cell clearance increased and the increase of the epithelial cell clearance increased and its epithelial cell clearance increased. Fill in particle droplets, so when the patient is looking at the light, it may occur when the light is refracted through it to show colored faint, and the visual abnormal situation will eventually occur.

(2) Vague vision

What are the early symptoms of cataracts? When cataract disease is not particularly serious, patients may occasionally have blurred vision, especially when driving at night, may be at dazzling with the lights of the headlights of the car on the opposite side. The aperture and the color of the objects are not bright enough. In fact, these are the vague symptoms of vision caused by cataract.

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(3) Multi -view

Even in the early days of cataracts, the patient’s eyes crystal part will have turbidity. When the crystal part appears turbid, when the light is projected into the retina through the turbid crystal, These are the phenomena of early cataract.

The above is the relevant content of the early symptoms of cataracts. There are many early symptoms of cataracts. When the patients have related abnormalities, they must attract attention in time. Not paying attention, it is very difficult to treat the cataract’s condition, and it is very difficult to treat it again. All in all, your eyes must do a good job of health care and timely treatment.


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