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What are the early symptoms of impotence?

Impotence is one of the common symptoms of male sexual dysfunction, but many people have no clear understanding and understanding of impotence, especially the early symptoms of impotence. Many people do not understand the initial symptoms of impotence and cannot be found and treated early, which leads to the harm of the later period. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the early symptoms of impotence.

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What is impotence?

Impotence refers to the situation where the penis cannot be erected under sexual life under sexual life. The impotence will prevent the normal progress of sexual life and cause discord of husband and wife life.

Impotence mainly includes two types: psychiatric impotence and organic impotence.

Some patients’ impotence is caused by mental factors. First of all, we must adjust their mood to avoid too much pressure on themselves. The symptoms of mental impotence are: the penis has a spontaneous erection, but it cannot be erected when I want to live; or when they first contact women’s bodies, they can hardly erection, but they wither when inserted.

Early symptoms of organic impotence mainly manifested that the penis cannot erected in any case, the onset process is slow, and it is aggravated.

What are the symptoms of early impotence?

In addition to erectile dysfunction, impotence patients will also have symptoms such as sweating, night sweats, night sweats, body weakness, no spirit, waist and knees softness. Over time, the symptoms of impotence will become increasing.

Occasionally an erectile disorder is not necessarily impotence.

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Many times people have accidental impotence due to various factors. Do not panic at this time. Occasionally, impotence can be recovered by adjusting. It may be caused by a momentary tension or exhaustion, which is not a morbid state.

There are many symptoms of impotence in the early stages of impotence, and it is relatively easy to find. The reason why people cannot discover impotence in time are mainly because they do not pay enough attention to impotence. Impotence should be treated early for early treatment. It should not be treated randomly, nor can it be dragged for a long time without treatment, otherwise it will be endless.

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