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What are the early symptoms of premature ovarian failure

Early early ovarian failure usually has symptoms such as changes in menstruation, menopausal symptoms, and urological tract infections.

1. Menstruation changes: Premature ovarian failure can affect ovarian function, which can easily lead to decreased menstrual flow, scarcity of menstruation, and amenorrhea.2. Menopausal symptoms: Due to the decline in ovarian function, sweating, general weakness, palpitations and irritability, and symptoms such as insomnia.3. Urology infection: Due to decreased estrogen secretion in the body, the resistance of urogenital organs is generally reduced.It is easy to cause pathogenic infections and cause repeated urological tract infections.

It is recommended that the schedule of time, avoid staying up late, and develop good sleep habits.Diet is light, eat more vegetables and fruits, avoid spicy food, quit smoking and drinking.

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