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What are the first aid drugs in the emergency room?

“Actually, first aid is not just an instrument or surgery, but often uses first aid. The common preparation is roughly divided into five categories, mainly for allergies, arrhythmia, major bleeding, respiratory failure and pain.”

The hospital is used to the main color of white, as is the emergency room of the China -Japan Friendship Hospital. In the white environment, a dark red cabinet is particularly conspicuous. Zeng Qing said that emergency drugs are stored here. Pulling each layer of drawer, you can see dozens of square small grids arranged neatly, each grid is covered with a note, indicating the specific renamed drug names with black and Songti characters. In the grid, there are only five or six doses, regardless of the potion or pill, and the code is neatly neat.

Effective medicine is effective

The first aid drugs for the treatment of allergies are adrenaline, glucocorticoids and non -that. In recent years, cosmetics, seafood, or drug allergies are common. Patients will experience symptoms such as itching, rash, and panic. In severe cases, they will have difficulty in breathing, blood pressure, and conscious disorders. “Generally, muscle injection, subcutaneous injection, and intravenous administration are mostly used, which will take effect faster.” Zeng Qing said. Adrenaline is mainly used in patients with allergic patients, and the bronchial spasm can quickly relax through the β receptor effect. Sugitic hormones can relieve many symptoms of allergies and inhibit the pathological changes caused by allergic reactions; non -that is antihistamine, can be stable, tall, cooling, etc.

Arrhythmia is a fatal disease. Discovery, overwork, etc. can be induced. For amine iodine, alien, Lidaine, and arrhythmia often use during emergency treatment. Among them, amine iodone has been used as an anti -cardiac drug for more than 30 years, and it is an indispensable member of treatment. It is a multi -channel blocker. Varicic injection can quickly reduce blood pressure and has no significant effect on the amount of blood volume. Lidakin is a local anesthetic, which can reduce myocardial excitement and slow down the speed of conduction. It can take effect in about 15 minutes after intravenous injection.

“Patients with severe bleeding, especially the digestive tract bleeding, are mostly urgent, and they must be used to stop bleeding immediately. The emergency room is mainly equipped with oral coordinase, substitution, and lyric. Stop hemostasis, and the plasma can be kept in blood vessels and temporarily replenished blood capacity. It is mainly used for excessive blood loss, and it is too late to transfusion. “Zeng Qing said.

It is understood that due to the great temperature changes, patients with respiratory failure received by China -Japan Friendship Hospital have also increased significantly. “For these patients, we have drugs in response to pneumidiasis in the first aid room, mainly hormone spray and aminopine used for local use. These drugs can relax the bronchial smooth muscle, reduce the congestion and the congestion of the bronchial mucosa at the same time Edema, enhance the contraction of respiratory muscles and myocardium. “

Because most of the first aid involves trauma, analgesic drugs are also one of the essential drugs for first aid rooms, such as conventional Atropine.

Home can prepare oral first aid

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In addition to the above -mentioned five types of drugs, the emergency room also prepared the corresponding drugs based on some common sudden diseases, such as a strong heart needle used when cardiac arrest.

In fact, some first aid can also be prepared at home. If you have coronary heart disease patients, you may wish to have some nitroglycerin. When angina pectoris occurs, one capsule is used under the tongue. It can expand blood vessels, reduce the burden on the heart, and relieve the pressure of coronary arteries. Zeng Qing reminded that it is best to choose oral medicine for first aid for first aid. The drug is suitable for being stored at the constant temperature, and it is not too cold and hot. If nitroglycerin should be kept as light, the effect will be affected after four or five years. For first aid at home, the use period must be checked every year.

(Intern editor: Wu Chunli)

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