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What are the four major methods of skin cancer treatment?

Skin cancer belongs to a malignant tumor that occurs on the skin. This kind of malignant tumor can cause patients to lose their lives like other tumors. Therefore, it must be diagnosed and treated in time with skin cancer.The majority of friends choose to treat.



1. Surgical treatment

Surgical treatment is the preferred treatment method for skin cancer. This method treats the cure rate of skin cancer from 90%-100%. After surgery, chemotherapy can be taken for adjuvant treatment.

2. Radiation therapy

General scalesocytoma carcinoma is sensitive to radiation, basal cell carcinoma is particularly sensitive to radiation, and has high skin tolerance, so it is particularly suitable for radiation therapy. The lesions occurred in the exposed parts.For the elderly, those with surgery (with diabetes, kidney, heart disease, etc.) can be used for radiation therapy.At the same time, radiation therapy can also be used for assistive treatment after surgery.

Third, chemotherapy

Chemical therapy can be divided into two types: local treatment and systemic treatment. Generally speaking, it is suitable for advanced cases that should not be surgical resection or radiotherapy; patients with suspected residual lesions and metastasis after surgery and radiotherapy.

Four: Chinese medicine treatment

Traditional Chinese medicine treatment can make up for the lack of the above treatment methods. The disadvantage is that the time required is relatively long and the effect is slow.The purpose of cure cancer.There is no toxic side effect, and it can also eliminate the toxic and side effects of chemotherapy, so Chinese medicine can be taken after surgery or chemotherapy.

The above is the most common treatment method for skin cancer. Now with the development of technology, induced differentiation and immunotherapy have occurred. Patients with skin cancer can choose a method that suits them for treatment.Cured.

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