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What are the genes of infertility?

Infertility plagues about 15%of couples. Many of them are infertility due to the genes of the body’s defects, but the genetic causes hidden in infertility so far are not clear. Recently, scientists from Cornell University have studied and developed a new type of experimental strategy to identify gene mutations that cause infertility in the human body. These mutations are called single nucleotide polymorphism (SNPS). It is a common type of genetic mutation in human body, and each SNP represents the difference between a single DNA or nucleotide component.

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Researcher John Schimenti said that if we clarify that SNP is harmful, then when the patient performs genome sequencing, it should be sure which SNPS should exist; if we know which mutations are good, which are bad, doctors are bad, doctors are doctors, doctors, doctors, doctors, doctors, doctors, doctors. A certain genetic diagnosis will be performed. The standard method of SNPS that currently identifies the disease includes a comparison of the genome of a healthy individual and a diseased individual to reduce the dyeing position. Then use a computer algorithm to predict which SNPS is harmful, but because infertility is an infertility involving many genes involving many genes involving many genes involving many genes involving many genes involving many genes involving many genes involving many genes involving many genes involving many genes involving many genes involving many genes involving many genes involving many genes involved in many genes The very complicated process, so there is no way to determine the genes that cause infertility.

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In the article, researchers have developed a new type of strategy that views all genes that cause mouse infertility, and then use computer technology to identify the SNPS of the same function by searching for data in the human genetic mutation database; subsequent research Those who explore the SNPS that causes four genes that cause human infertility. The gene editing technology called CRISPR/CAS is used. Researchers edit the homologous genes of mice body so that mice can simulate human body infertility of human body. SNPS; By analyzing and studying humanized SNPS in the mouse body, the researchers tested whether these mutations in human beings would cause mouse infertility. Researchers in 4 SNPS found that a SNP could cause mice to cause mouse infertility Essence

Researchers predict that in the future, new individual chemotherapy will be developed to perform genome sequences on individuals, thereby helping doctors and patients determine their genetic health; identifying the corresponding infertility genes may also help clinicians develop new types of new types The treatment of infertility to bring benefits to the majority of infertility couples.

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