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What are the hazards of hair dyeing

The hazards brought by hair dye include allergic reactions, carcinogenic risks, hair loss, etc.

1. Allergic reaction: Some people are allergic to hair dye, and allergic reactions will occur after hair dyeing.The patient manifests itching and rash, and some can cause redness and swelling of the eyes.The more hair dyeing, the higher the probability of allergic reactions, and people who are allergic to hair dye cannot dye hair.

2. Carcinogenic risk: Hair dye can contain carcinogenic substances. Frequent hair dye can cause cancer. Try to choose pure plant dyeing agents.

3. hair loss: The bad substances contained in hair dye causes the hair follicles to have no adverse reactions.After a long time, the scalp hair follicles shrink, the hair is getting thinner and thinner, and dry and fall off.At this time, it is necessary to stop immediately and take good care of your hair.

It is recommended to choose a hair dye produced by regular manufacturers. In order to be safe or natural, it is not recommended to blindly dye hair, try to keep the hair less injured and cold, and avoid damage to the hair.

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